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Mixtapes by Puta Final Feliz, Bleepolar and Jet Airess

Posted on 16 December 2015 by Andrés

Starting this unregular Mixtape Roundup with a supercool Production by Puta Final Feliz from Luzern, Swiss with mostly original Mambo crossovers. This is really a big mix, check it out!

Bleepolar from Bogota, Colombia made a new Mixtape for Thump! bringing together the Colombian vibe with House and more …

From Borneo, Malysia comes Jet Airess – Harmonics and Hardness… “This is Borneo Bass”

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Jet Airess-Wok Enow

Posted on 08 December 2014 by Caballo

Needless to say, one of the best female producers from the whole planet, Jet Airess, is back to Mal Dicen with a blast of bass in her latest EP, Wok Enow.
This is a split EP between Borneo Bass and a whole variety of remixes from Pelog Lima.

This 10 track EP is a trip between Borneo Bass, Jungle Terror, Moombahton, and an intrepid and unique selection of Bass.
Like this banger from also LR’s newest prodigy Billion Dollars.

SO prepare yourself for the whole experience, and have a listen to the EP

You can grab the whole EP for Free right here> LINK

Art was made by cuantika Studios!

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Jet Airess- Pelog Lima

Posted on 09 May 2014 by Caballo


Latino Resiste’s Mal Dicen is extremely happy to unveil its first cross-cultural exchange with Borneo Bass producer Jet Airess.

Her work has captivated some of the best new bass labels around, including generationbass, moombah +, bassfriends and more.

In Pelog Lima EP, you will find this unique approach, or how some people call, transnational bass to the Borneo & the whole pacific region bass sounds.

It also has a great and eclectic Borneo Bass’ remix for Skrillex’ Doomp Poomp.

This is the track that give title to the EP

and two remixes from Caballo.
A Bhangra-inspired

and a Borneo Bass inspired.

Again, FREE DOWNLOAD HERE (Mediafire)

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Posted on 12 April 2014 by Caballo


Borneo bass’ most intense producer JET AIRESS has released a new 3 cuts EP via Generation Bass, in which you will find this unique approach to the Bass.

Proof of this, is our good friend Banginclude teaming up with Jet Airess for Tangsi

In organic you can feel the exact flavor of Borneo Bass and its amazing drums!

Fellow Borneo Bassheads S&P join J.A for Seraheng

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Posted on 13 August 2014 by Caballo

Bacondo Remixes EP artwork

Andean Bass meets Global Bass. Think Mad Decent block party in Machu Picchu. FREE epic 16 tracks album.

When TB released the remix contest we got over 200 submissions, so it was a long but totally worth process.

The result is a majestic new EP with a whole remix album from Bacondo, all together in the same package.

Few of the highlights:
Jungle Terror and Borneo Bass goddess Jet Airess

More Andean focused

Venezuelan Prodigy and explosive producer WOST

Whole Set

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