Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 109

Posted on 03 February 2020 by Andrés

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No109, Carnival comes near, you have chosen your mascarada? We got a lot of big tunes in the mix, run it Selectah!

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1 – Cómo Lluvia Sobre el Mar – Pernett
Starting this Round Up with a Tune from the upcoming Album from Pernett.

2 – La Bandolera – Solo Moderna ft. Empresarios
Republica Moderna is a 8 Track Album released by Galletas Calientes. Original global madness by Dutch producer and musician Solo Moderna! Nothing pure but a folky stylefuse produced with nowadays means, like Cumbia, Afro, Ragga, Electroting, Lo-Fi, Baile and Disco. The Album is availabel on orange Vinyl.
3 – Kumbia Palida – Border Chango
From Ciudad Juarez, Border Chango transmiting direct from the Mexican US Border.

4 – La Verdad – Amambay 100.000
Triping from the Analogical Barrio to the electronic Universe we found voices in Silence. The result is a trip from the analogical and organic Barrio to the electronic universe, where folkloric singings of the Original Communities from Latin America are accompanied by the tipical Cumbia Acordeón and the voice of the Neon Bass. AMAMBAY 100 000, like an alien jungle, is a living organism always waiting for transformation and reinterpretation. Never remains quiet, never remains the same. Volá is a supercool 10 Track Album released on Hawai Bonsai.

5 – Añoranza en las Yungas (El Búho Remix) – Lagartijeando
After diving deep on his latest album “Jallalla”, Lagartijeando returns with five killer remixes released on Wonderwheel. Chilled Downbeats from Argentina, have a good flight!
6 – Gansta paradise (Cumbia) – Coolio V.S Enrikisimo Deejay
Back to the Mash Up, Cumberos Pardiso!
7 – Yo soy el Mulato (Mulato Remix) – Los Hermanos Martelos
One more Classic in new Sound from el Mulato from San Martin, Argentina. A bailar!

8 – Afternoon in Tamedala – Kiko de Gallo
A Day In Tamedala tracks take you on a full day musical journey in the fictional town of Tamedala. A place where flavors and sounds from the four corners of the world converge to bring to live a vivid musical mélange. From the downtempo lazy morning track, to the Cumbia street sounds in the afternoon, follow by the reggae/dub vibe of the evening, and ending with the House music track for the night out,

9 – West Of The River Turia – Guaro International
This Reggae Cumbia Dub Style comes in really heavy!
10 – Tiempo – Wara
Latin-powerhouse and all around party-starters, Wara has been taking over the UK’s stages with their unique combination of timba, dembow, hip-hop, ragga and electronica. This is also featured in our Videoplaylist on You Tube. CLICK
11 – Elegante – Sidi Wacho
From Lille, Francia comes Sidi Wacho with this Banger. Also there is an Album in the making.

12 – No Tenemos el Poder ni Tenemos el Dinero – Orihuela MSS
Kumbia Obscura Vol. 1 comes with 8 deep Tracks by Satánico Dr Trvza, Arrabalero, Turbo Sonidero and more.
13 – Vacilando Con Ayahuasca (Tribilin Sound’s Drippin Remix) – Juaneco Y Su Combo
Over to some peruvian Downbeats.

14 – Lúcido – Santi & Tuğçe
Surgically engineered dance-floor beats, Paraguayan harps, Turkish influenced melodies, Brazilian berimbau, nostalgic analog synthesizers, jazzy harmonies and touches of classical music. Punto Cero is a 10 Track Compilation of Tracks made by Santi and Tugce between 2017 and 2018. Very Chilled.
15 – Mozo ft. Katdog – Amambay 100.000
16 – Escuchame Como Soy – Solo Moderna

17 – El Secreto Del Metalero – Conjunto Papa Upa
Conjunto Papa Upa are the torchbearers of a rare breed of Afro-Caribbean psychedelic soul, a clear delineation from the wonderful world of Venezuelan poly rhythms. This is a 2 Track Release on Names you can Trust, also available on 7′, soon there will come an Album.
18 – Fiesta Brava (DJ Caution Remix) – Los Mirlos
Another Dancefloor Banger by Los Mirlos reworked from Madrids DJ Caution

19 – Mbela Bongo (Supersan Remix) – Missema
…and the voyage ends somewhere between Westafrika and Greece.

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