Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 74

Posted on 12 December 2016 by Andrés

cruno74Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No74. Get your 21 brandnew Tunes in a 40 Minute Mix. We celebrating birthday with our friends from Cassette and Folcore and there are more fresh releases out in Cumbialandia. A Bailar!
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1 – Gustavo rebajado – The Silly Tang
Starting this Round Up with the new 3 Track EP Narcos from Bristols Silly Tang released on Folcore filled with old school UK 90´s rave, proper colombian flutes and accordeon instrumentals
villa-diamante-lanus-oeste-cover2 – Kris Alaniz vs ElMayonesa – Villa Diamante
Lanus Oeste comes with 14 Tunes direct from BsAs mashing up lyrical HipHop with Cumbia and deep Tropical Beats. So we have beatz by the Frikstailers, Los Reyes de la Milanga, King DouDou and Vocals by Faauna, Alex Heduvan, Miss Bolivia, Sara Hebe and many more.
3 – Fianru vs DZC Crew – Villa Diamante
Since 2004 Villa Diamante has used the mashup as a tool to experiment with music, genres and cultural icons, from a DJ format where multicultural and mainstream sounds mix, tech hip hop and electro reggaeton, digital cumbia, dancehall, dubstep or whatever inspires him. As resident DJ and host of Zizek Club, he promotes the mixture of styles and supports artists, DJs and producers who reinterpret different sounds of modern music from a local angle,
4 – Cumbia Trap (Audio Oficial 2016) – Dj RDL
This comes from Hidalgo MX by the young Producer DJ RDL mixing up Cumbia and Trap with Electronix, Reggaeton, and 3ball.
5 – El Borracho (Dj Eze Stylee) – Los Marquez
Back to Argentina with DJ Eze Stylee in full groove with Los Marquez.
folcore6 – Tofi (Michael Bruce Cumbia Edit) – Abubacar Sani & Fati Niger
Happy Birthday Folcore. The Barcelona based Netlabel celebrates its 7th Birthday with a 19 Track Compilation. Michael Bruce from Portland brings together Bollywood Inspirated Nigerian Musicans with an uplifting Beat.
7 – El Pescador (Borchi Remix) – La Catrina Son System
So here comes the next Birthday for the marvellous Cassette Blog with Borchis Version of El Pescador. Cassette celebrates with a lot of Compilations and this comes from the Album Los Nuevos sonidos de siempre
8 – Ayacucho – Akun Maia
Psychedelic Sounds, Violins, Dub, Cumbia, Rock, Ska and more you will find on the 10 Track Album by Akun Maia from Argentina. Full band Groove.
9 – Cumbia Satoc – SSDSS
Oro Negro is the next Cassette Compilation. It comes with 17 Tunes focused on all the different Styles of Cumbia ft. GFlux, Afrodita, SumoHair, ELMALO, Asagi Soundo and El Sonidero sin Dinero Soundsystem aka SSDDSS aka Rene Gamez, Kumbale Mastermind from Guadalajara with an groovy edit.
10 – Dale Duro Mix – Eel Niko Rmx
Back to the hyperactive DJ and Producer from BsAs. Palmas Ariba!
11 – Sold Out (Bandura Remix) – Prekmurski Kavbojci
From Basel, Suiza comes Bandura mixing Folclor regional, new electronix and lots of bootleg energie. Inspired by funk, calypso, breakbeats, cumbia, trip hop, bhangra, electro swing, bossa nova and indietronica sounds comes this 2 Track EP
mamba12 – Quita Pena – Mamba
This comes from the 8 Track Album Human Breed from Argentinas Mc Mamba and Producer Reptilian Commander released by Le Ronca and Latino Resiste with lots of critical Voices and Tropical Beatz.
13 – Si no te quiere (Jesus Fernandez Remix) – Ozuna
And again Jesus Fernandez from Sevilla with a banging rework making you move.
14 – Cintura – El Dipy
Back to the raw side of Argentinas Cumbia Sound.
va-nectar_global-curado_x_relo15 – Cumbia y Tambo (Dj Pozor Bootleg) – La Pesada
Nectar Global is the next Compilation from Cassette. It comes with 32 Tunes by the usual suspects. DJ Pozor from Budapest had released this earlier on his 2 Track EP Felizidad.
16 – Se va Se va – Makina
Makina feels Home in BsAs and in Amsterdam with his chilled Vibe. This is another part from the Nectar Global Compi. Find more Tunes by Ramiro Jota, Boris Vlande, TropiKhongo, El Barba and many more.
va-tropical_dubstep_curado_x_borchi17 – Dem Na Like Me (Andres Digital Remix) – The Qemists
I had a lot of fun on this one released on the Tropical Dubstep Compilation. Pablo asked me to mashup Chanchas Percussion Sound with some Old skool Dubstep Bangers. This is what comes out.
18 – Marimba Y Tambor – Sumohair ft Nelson Buenahora
Cool ReWork from Colombias Algeres Ambulancias by LAs Sumo Hair.
mira19 – Adios Morena (Kaleema & Chancha Via Circuito Remix) – Rio Mira
Adiós Morena is the first single of the Afro-Pacific super group, Rio Mira‘s forthcoming album, Marimba del Pacifico.
20 – Woo Boost (Bacallao Remix) – Rusko
Back to the Tropical Dubstep Compilation with a cool Remix of Ruskos Woo Boost from Honduras Bacallao.
21 – Clouds (Baja Frequencia Mashup) – Elders Amelia vs Chancha Via Circuito
And finaly a chilled Sound Killer by Baja Frequencia from Marseille. Tropical Dubstep!

ayasAlso checkout this crowdfunding campaign by BsAs ZZK – “Earlier this year, we launched ZZK Films with the release of A Musical Journey.
Now, we’ve got three more incredible documentaries in development, and are calling on our global community to help us get them into production and out to the world.” – The Campain includes some new (Nicola Cruz + Quantic) and classic (Chancha Via Circuito) ZZK vinyls. Only a few days left.

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