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Chopstick Dubplate – Worldwide Traveller ft. Top Cat & Mr. Williamz

Posted on 27 October 2014 by Caballo


Top Cat or Mr Williams need no introduction for anyone who has been into the D&B, Jungle, or Ragga in the last 15 years.. so we can move straight to music because we know these cats never disappoint.

Their latest goes out to all frequent flyers and worldwide travellers, to all those who brave the airport experience to get from point A to point B, and everybody who’s ever flown on a discount airline.

.As we say: “Sometimes you have to fly pon Ryanair, but you can’t take a suitcase cause it’s extra on there. Hand luggage has to fit inna the small square. Food and drink so expensive and dear, Me nah buy no sandwich and Me nah buy no beer, still sometimes you have to fly pon Ryanair” .

The remixes is even heavier!! From dreadsquad, to Mungo’s Hi-Fi or my man Fleck!!! check this bomb out

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