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Hostile- MadMan Dubs instrumentals

Posted on 22 February 2014 by Caballo

UK Grime originator HOSTILE finally puts his madman dubs instrumentals in the web.

Now, for those who are in the Dancehall-grime vibe, Hostile is synonym of 100% grime.

I (Caballo) have played at least one hostile track on weekly basis since 2010. Either on gigs or at home.
And I rarely post his stuff, mainly because many times after I play his tunes, people ask me who is this… and I get greedy!!! But I guess it is time for the masses to get their hands on this amazing stuff


So here are the Itunes links for mad cheap.. Less, much less than a beer in a pub/bar for ALL of them!!
Vol 1 LINK

Vol 2 link

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