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Andy Blood Armstrong: Soca royalty from Barbados

Posted on 01 September 2012 by Marflix

This year’s season of Caribbean Carnivals is slowly coming to its end – Notting Hill last week, NY Labor Day this week and Miamy still coming up. Before 2013 season starts with St. Kitts and Montserrat end of Dec/early Jan, it is time to dedicate a few posts all the big tunes of 2012.

We start in Barbados with a guy who is in this business for centuries: Andy Armstrong aka Blood. For many years he was with Alison Hinds lead singer in the Bajan cult band Square One. After Alison left the band during her maternity, the band went on as Square Roots.

Since a few years, Blood is working as solo artists and won several titles. Beside that he also produced tracks for numerous soca artist from the island – big names just as newcomers. As a result of this he releases a compilation year by year with all this tracks, giving a perfect overview about whats going on in Barbados musically. No surprise that these soca compilations usually have way more than 30 tracks. So, if you haven’t Blood on your radar yet, it’s time for a serious update! There no need to fly over to Barbados to get the music (even if a visit to Barbados is highly recommended at all time):

The Berlin based soca specialists Faluma traditionally takes care of the international release of Blood’s work – pushing it in all major download and streaming plattforms like iTunes, Juno or Spotify.

This summer the album “Louder” came out loaded with over 30 tracks for 2012 Cropover season. Featured artists beside Blood are the triple-title winner Mikey (like Blood now singer in the band Soka Kartel), Alison Hinds, Khiomal (of Krosfyah), Ms Desire, Lorenzo, D2 and many more.

To get you in a soca workout mood, we give-away freeloads of Blood’s Go!! – only for a very limited time!

Freeload: Blood – Go!!

Album tracklist:

Four official videos are available so far:

Blood – Go!!

Blood – This is the one

Blood – Dah fuh lick yuh

Brett – When de road call

Blood Facebook
Soka Kartel facebook
Faluma website | facebook

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