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Sacassaia – Sampleando Deus e o Mundo

Posted on 21 April 2010 by Julia

We love good music, we love free music, we love Sacassaia!

It is the musical project of two Brasilians: DJ/MC/composer Gardenel (Gabriel Gardenal) and the musician/DJ/composer/audio engineer Tony Roballo (Tomás seferin) who teamed up with lots of great musicians from Brasilia such as Renato Matos, Indiana Nomma, Massala Pacome, Luiz Olivieri, Raggademente and Moisés Alves.
The name Sacassaia is the name of a very aggressive species of army ant! That makes me go tingly all over and so does their music: an energy-loaded, thrilling mix of Reggaeton, Brazil, Dub, Rap.. and fun! Check out their album that can be downloaded for FREE from their bandcamp site.

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