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CRUNO48WEB 400x221 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 48

This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No48 and as I was out of office to play a beautiful California Tour I missed Round Up 47. So you get now a dobble Injection in full Mixtape length with 37 Tunes and Remixes mostly released in the last 2 month.

Meanwhile I work really hard on my upcoming releases – The “Recordando EP” will be released very soon via El Flying Monkey Records and later I will come out with my first Album with some original Tunes and a lot of Remixes via Tropic-all. Be prepared for this, will be large!

So this month Cocotaxi gone wild with two beautifull remixes. Cool, releaxed and super stylish EPs by Manduka and Barda, banging EPs by Mamba and El $abor. Le Rodriguez bringing the Cubans into the game, Classics by G-Flux and the Frikstailers, some new Friends from California with Yukicito (!) y degruvme, the Newcomer of the Round Up Sonido el Tigre and sure – The Palmeras de Uraba !! CUMBIA !!

Download – Right Click

barda 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 481. Venus – Barda (via Regional)
2. Revolusion (Cocotaxi Remix) – Elliphant
3. Cumbia Mundial – Sonido de la Frontera
4. Soy Sonidero – Sitaly
5. Domingo Street – Manduka (Burdeos San Juan EP)
6. Hermanados – Barda
7. Hacia El Rio – Andrés Digital ft. Masilva (from the upcoming AD Album via. tropic-all)
Mamba 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 488. Chocolate Y Frutas – Mamba (From the Amor Visceral EP via. Le Ronca Records)
9. Zombi – Morenito de Fuego (From the Album Venta de Garage)
10. Venenosa (Original mix) – El $abor x Tropikore (From the Ep Trampahton Lords via El Flying Monkey)
11. Atrevete Te,Te (PoloBear RMX) – Calle 13
12. Reina de Cumbias – Celso Piña
13. Selena (Feat. Beat Buffet & Empresarios) – G-Flux
14. Gente Moderna – Sonido el Tigre
11 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4815. Donde esta la Garcés (Andres Digital Remix) – Palmeras de Uraba (From the Album Palmeras de Uraba via KONN)
16. Sonidera a 15 – El baile ozone 4
17. Coplita Ft. Miriam Garcia – Chancha Via Circuito
18. Recordando (Andrés Digital Remix) – Grupo Bahia ft. El Malito, Inti Irie (From the EP Recordando soon on El Flying Monkey)
19. Pitbull Terrier (Yelram Selectah Cumbia edit) – Die Andword
avatars 000091717132 i6wv0q t500x500 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4820. Vakum – Frikstailers (From the EP Crop Circles via ZZK)
21. Suave (It’s a love song, focker) – Cocotaxi
22. WU-Tang – Yukicito
23. Bend Ova Cumbia Refix – El Dusty
a2906109450 10 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4824. K-ndela – Le Rodriguez (from the Ep Cuban Fucking Bass via. Cassette Blog)
25. Cumbia Amazonica (King Doudou Turro Dub) – Los Mirlos (From the EP King Doudou Compilado 1)
26. Burdeos San Juan – Manduka
27. Rancheria – Dany F (via Cabeza)
28. Tigre – Sonido el Tigre
29. Lose Yourself feat RDX & Moska (Don Alex Remix) – Major Lazer
a14 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4830. Culo e Vacile – Caballo & the mothafu kings (from the Album Absurdus)
31. Cual Crisis (feat. Banda La Chapeadita) – Morenito de Fuego
32. Vamos a La Junta ft. Joelito – degruvme
33. Si me Quieres Chicha (Yukicito Rework) – Los Hijos del Sol
34. Guayabita Colora (Yukicito Remix)
35. La señora del balay (Dj Subversivo) – Palmeras de Uraba
36. Sambingo 2 (Boogaloo Electrico) (Dj Reaganomics & Geko Jones Rmx) – Estrellas Del Caribe (From the EP Angolan Remixes)
37. Move that dope (Trap-y-Cumbia-Refix) – El Dusty

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Zanillya- Electricity & Drums ( TB Premiere) Tue, 05 Aug 2014 14:05:27 +0000

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011 400x400 Zanillya  Electricity & Drums ( TB Premiere)

011 400x400 Zanillya  Electricity & Drums ( TB Premiere)

We can describe her music as ‘Caribbean Grunge’. Zanillya has fused together electronic landscapes going from dancehall to hip hop.

This is a sweet Tropical Bass world wide premiere from this Dutch Singer with an Aruban father and a Macedonian mother, which can be perceived in her music taste, based in Amsterdam, it is the perfect combo for this Caribbean Grunge .

Dem No ready is a blast of Bass flavour

Tight lyrics get even tighter on this dancehall CHAMPION

Being TB, we need to drop at least a FREE one,
Raise your flag is so sweet, sexy and epic that is a bless we have it for zero pesos!!

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ILLUMINVTY- Sofrito EP Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:25:22 +0000

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01 400x400 ILLUMINVTY  Sofrito EP

01 400x400 ILLUMINVTY  Sofrito EP
After releasing Obscure Bass, and getting sponsorship from Skullcandy, and featured on Mad Decent, VICE and many more.. it was time for Mexico’s biggest trap act, ILLUMINVTY, to return to LR’s Mal Dicen with an impressive Latin Bass EP.

Sofrito redefines Mongo Satamaria’s anthem and also bring 2 more tracks that will set any dancefloor, or mp3player on FIRE.

FREE DOWNLOAD, and with the Download there is an option to get the amazing art made by Cuantika Studios.

Get the whole EP Right here

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Dj Reagonomics–Angolan Remixes -Exclusive via Cassette Sat, 26 Jul 2014 13:48:37 +0000

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dj reagonomics angolan rmxs 400x245 Dj Reagonomics–Angolan Remixes  Exclusive via Cassette

dj reagonomics angolan rmxs 400x245 Dj Reagonomics–Angolan Remixes  Exclusive via Cassette

One of the most important music websites for the Latin and World music, Cassette blog, has teamed with globalista Dj Reagonomics to drop his Angolan EP.

This EP reflects, both, the ability from Reagonomics to make any genre a sublime experience respecting the roots while taking it to the dancefloor, and Cassette blog impressive display of genres.

If for some reason you do not understand spanish, just click on any of their post. they never disappoint.

This one can be downloaded for FREE here > LINK

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Palmeras de Uraba- A golpe de Tambo Tue, 22 Jul 2014 15:21:48 +0000

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11 400x400 Palmeras de Uraba  A golpe de Tambo

11 400x400 Palmeras de Uraba  A golpe de Tambo

Two years in the making, one of the strongest traditional Colombian Caribbean music made in recent years, finally is released. And it also comes with a remix second album, with amazing versions from Sergent Garcia, P18, Chong X, Andres Digital & many more.

This is the traditional release

And the remixes CD

Documentary about the release and process

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Premiere: Johnny Roxx ft. Serani & Melloquence – Party Tun Up Remix EP Tue, 08 Jul 2014 15:14:25 +0000

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PartyTunUp Remixes 1440x1440 400x400 Premiere: Johnny Roxx ft. Serani & Melloquence   Party Tun Up Remix EP

 Premiere: Johnny Roxx ft. Serani & Melloquence   Party Tun Up Remix EP

We’re very proud to premier the Remix EP of the moombashment anthem by producer Johnny Roxx, dancehall start Serani and rising singjay Melloquence.

Johnny Roxx is the new EDM infused bashment project one of the members of famous Swiss based Weedy G Soundforce. Already the first single Just Wanna Dance featuring Jesse James was a big success. So it doesn’t really surprise me, that the original version of “Party Tun Up” took the Beatport Reggae charts by storm! Now, the official Remix EP with remixes by Bert on Beats, Dan Gerous and Schuhmacher, as well as a twerk remix by Johnny himself, is ready to drop and will be released on Bikini Ape,  July 10th.

Listen the remixes here, two days before the official release, exclusively!

Jingle for by dancehall artist Melloquence:

Remix EP:

in case you have missed the original moombahton version:

further tunes by Johnny Roxx, you should definitely check out:

Facebook: Johnny Roxx

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Rafael Aragon- Llego La hora Wed, 02 Jul 2014 23:20:09 +0000

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llego la hora FB 400x300 Rafael Aragon  Llego La hora

llego la hora FB 400x300 Rafael Aragon  Llego La hora

Once again, Latino Resiste unveils a heavy ammo release!! Llego la hora shows French Global Bass pistolero Rafael Aragon on his full potential.

Moombahton, Soca, 3ball, Cumbia Bass, Rasterinha, trap, Bass, and pretty much anything in the whole spectrum is covered with an impressive 15 tracks release.

And here it is an amazing Rasterinha take on the same track made by Baile Funk lord: BUMPS!!

But the actual release opens with Buzy Bwoy which is a Bass stomper

Then goes to an awesome Moombah-old school Cumbia

So make sure you get the whole thing because remixes come from a unique international producer team featuring Ckrono & Slesh (ITA), Kosta Kostov, Andres Digital, Motin (GER), Stas (HUN), Zee Reach (FR), Bumps (UK), Lata (CHI), Michael Bruce (USA), Dj Giovanni Rios (MEX) & Perk Pietrek (SG). One original also features singer El Malito from Philadelphia, USA.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

- Original tracks composed, mixed and mastered by Rafael Aragon (France).

- Vocals and lyrics on “Llego la Hora” by El Malito (USA)

- Artwork by Caballo


- Ckrono & Slesh (Italy)
- Bumps (UK)
- Michael Bruce (USA)
- Perk Pietrek (Singapore)
- Zee Reach (France)
- LATA (Chile)
- Kosta Kostov (Germany / Bulgaria)
- Stas (Hungary / Belarus)
- DjGiovanni Rios (Mexico)
- Motin (Germany)
- Andres Digital (Germany)

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Caballo – #Absurdus Mon, 23 Jun 2014 12:34:44 +0000

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  • The Molly Grit EP Molly Grit is a music tag that grabs the molecular base of trap, moombahton, juke, dubstep , and tropical bass sounds. Grab…
  • Carnnibal- FANGS A real Dancehall & Bass jewel. Available in Digital and Vinyl. Featuring Ragga Twins, collaborations from The Clerk, TwoSev, and Zee Reach.…
  • Ruta Panamericana del Sonido: Bass en las Alturas Amazing release from Latino Resiste & Oi Mas Bass, that unveils the Bolivian Bass scene. Free Download, plus unreleased tracks from ChongX…
a14 400x400 Caballo   #Absurdus

Absurdus Cover 400x400 Caballo   #Absurdus

After 2 years. Caballo is back with a whole new album which he decided to go back to his cumbia bass roots and get them to the new bass level.

The actual concept of the album makes it looks spontaneous. However, the album has been crafted to be perceived differently depending on who is listening to it.

If you are European, African, Asian or North American, you will listen to it differently than a Latino will do; however a Colombian will understand it differently as well.
And of course, everyone is different.

But the craft in details, have been put in a way that is open to recognize elements, in a way, many songs will sound extremely close to you as a listener, or totally bass music, depending on where you are from, or how strong your connection with an identity is.

At the same time, songs will be kinda unorthodox, or will be cohesive depending on how many bass genres you listen to.

The album goes for: FREE DOWNLOAD

A way to contextualize this, might be the opening track CULO E VACILE

The album challenges what Cumbia and latin roots are in terms of sounds, but it also has explicit lyrics and organic sounds that complement the sampling process, a lot of the songs you are about to hear, have real drums.

Champeta, Moombahton, Zouk Bass, Dubstep, and Cumbia Bass are the most common genres that will blend into each other.

Without losing his political focused releases: Absurd is also trying to open the discussion on 3 main elements that unite people from all over the world.

The gap between rich & poor, the tactics politicians do to remain in power, what media filters to manipulate opinion.

All of this, is absurd. It does not have any logic, and still, we are comfortable in this chaos.

Lyrics and Music are really important, so there are tracks that have been designed to be cohesive with the #absurdus manifesto.

One is an epic collaboration with Pernett

The album goes into a cumbia bass direction in the collaboration between Neki Stranac, Caballo, Carnnibal and yes, the epic Ragga twins

Zouk Bass gets a different approach as well in a JSTJR’s Cerveja

The album also features collaborations with Pernett, Bleepolar, Wost, Neki Stranac, Carnnibal,Piper Street, and Chong X.

And it comes with an amazing art made by CUANTIKA STUDIO
that gives you the option of choosing which cover you want, in case you want to print and burn a CD

Mockup Pocket 400x307 Caballo   #Absurdus

Mockup withoutPocket 400x307 Caballo   #Absurdus

All of this for:

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 46 Sun, 15 Jun 2014 08:00:02 +0000

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CRUNO46HEADER 400x221 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 46

This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No46 and sure I still run it hot and present 16 cool Cumbia related Bangers in a free downloadable Mix for your pleasure. So put on your funny hats, open a cool Cerveza and turn the Bass in…your Cumbia Party is here.

Download – Right Click
tribi 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 461. Interstellar (Dany F Remix) – Cybernetiko
Sergio Ovandos aka Cybernetiko Interstellar getting a new Sound by Medellins Deep Cumbia Boy Dany F
2. Replicante – Tribilin Sound
Alavro Ernesto aka Tribilin Sound from Lima, Peru is my Sound for the moment. So he got 3 Tunes in this Round Up. He’s got a brandnew Album out via Regional wich is called “Aqui Siempre Bailamos”. It is a freeload and a mustload !!
astros3 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 463. Vamos Bailando (Tropikore Remix) – Astros De Mendoza
The 3 Astros from DF still are dancing and wining and collecting Remixes of their Banger “Vamos Bailando” Also the Video for the original Tune is out yet
4. Bilongo Con Sandunga (Umoja Remix) – Tribilin Sound
5. Sarita – Tribilin Sound
6. Menéalo (Mashup Jason Derulo) – Don Alex
Alex comes from Bogota and he comes with Accordion and cool Remix Skills
mashupman 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 467. Baby Man (Captain Cumbia Mash Up) – Gilberto Torres -vs- Baby Cham
Look Up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane – No, its Mashup Man. Captain Cumbia fly’s high presenting his new Album coming soon on CD and Vinyl.
8. Meneito (feat. Jose Luis Carballo) – G-Flux vs Afrodita
Gustavo Naranjo and the two Afroditas celebrate 5 Years of working together with a cool Compilation of Works done in this time. You could download the complete Album here
9. Te Lo Creo – Los Disco Duro
The Oakland, California based project “Los Disco Duro” coming out with 7″ Vinyl with two cool Bangers wich you could purchase here
10. Cumbia Loca pa Bye Bye (Capatin Cumbia Mash Up) – Cypress Hill feat. Fugees
11. Venceremos feat. Monsieur Cake – Manduka
Franco-Chilean artist Hector Pizarro explores his latino-american roots, mixing them with his european culture. During his numerous trips to Argentina and Chile, he rediscovered the music he had listened to so many times as a little boy, with his family or on party nights: Cumbia.
12. Turn Off the Light (Andrés Digital Remix) – Schlachthofbronx
Immediately fall in love with the original Schlachthofbronx Tune when I heard it for the first time but missed some Drums on it (to much Romance) so I added some Rave and made it a Cumbia Bouncer.
 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4613. La Rumbacha – Alan Rosales
Alan Rosales from DF is well known for his 3ballistic Bangers. Here he comes with a new EP called Tu-Ku-Tu-Tu-Ku EP opening his Remix Skills to other Bass Genres.
14. Yo Pa ! (Con Mi Negrita) – Rafael Aragon
Rafael Aragon from Paris will release his new EP “LLego la Hora” in early July via Latino Resiste.
15. Fuego – Alan Rosales
16. F#%k It I Want A Billion – Erick Jaimez X Fake Moustache
From Dallas to DF – From Cumbia to Trap, from Erick Jaimez upcoming EP Cumbiaholic 3

More Music to come soon, meanwhile catch me if you can – 27.06. Münster/Baracke – early July on California Dreamwork Tour – and back home 31.07. Darmstadt/Schlosskeller – Meet and greet !

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Exclusive: Ruffkut X Tomagiddeon ft. Shabba Ranks – Woman Galore (Free Download) Sun, 08 Jun 2014 14:06:30 +0000

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ruffkut tomagiddeon 400x400 Exclusive: Ruffkut X Tomagiddeon ft. Shabba Ranks   Woman Galore (Free Download)

ruffkut tomagiddeon 400x400 Exclusive: Ruffkut X Tomagiddeon ft. Shabba Ranks   Woman Galore (Free Download)

The reggae and dancehall producers Ruffkut and Tomagiddeon have released a wicked trap remix of an classic dancehall anthem by Shabba Ranks, mastered by austrian deejay Tom Hype. We have managed to organize a download of this wicked cow bell driven trap/rub-a-dub banger for you guys. You can download it here for the next few weeks, exclusively. I know you guys will love it.


Woman Galore

Facebook: Ruffcut aka. Rough Kut

Facebook: Tomagiddeon

Facebook: Tom Hype

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