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Smokey Cumbia – Superpendejos vs Steel Pulse

Posted on 11 July 2012 by Caballo

Reggae+ Cumbia!!
Brand new track from Superpendejos..
Set as Free Download
Smokey Cumbia – Superpendejos vs Steel Pulse by SuPerPEndEjoS

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Exclusive TB- Superpendejos > El Macho pendejo

Posted on 16 June 2012 by Caballo

SuperPendejos presents their debut release on UWR, a three track Ep showcasing some of their trademarks. Lots of Tropical sounds with accordion, melodica and hornsections mixed up with organic fat beats and big basslines.
and we managed to bring an EXCLUSIVE tune from that wicked album that you should grab!

The whole album is absolutely great! And it’s out now… you the arrow and follow the steps!

Superpendejos – Ya Sta Qi by UrbanWorld Records

This is a banger!

Superpendejos – Ya Sta Qi by UrbanWorld Records

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 68

Posted on 12 June 2016 by Andrés

cruno68Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No68 with 20 fine Cumbia related Tunes in 45 minutes. 1 Thing: Even when I really like the Cumbia Version of the Imperial March, Cumbia is not The Imperium, Cumbia is the Rebellion.
2 Thing: There is huge difference between Global Bass and Tropical Bass. We’re not Global, we select Tropical and Caribbean Styles and we are open for good Vibes and new Music. We’re not interested in Worldmusic or EDM, but our Bass speaks louder and we connect people. Tropicalistas Unidos!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

1 – Mondongo – Neki
Starting this Round Up in Belgrad, Serbia with the man Neki Stranac wellknown for his Moombah Edits.
2 – Los Trabajos de Miguel – Chino Landero ft. Negro Style
Over to Buenos Aires rebajado slowing down the Andrés Landero classic.
Cumbia Libertad3 – Drug (Copia Doble’s Cumbia Remix) – Lucy Love
Cumbia Libertad is a fine 21 Track Compilation by the new Label Hawai Bonsai from Lausanne Switzerland. You will find some exclusive Tunes by Artists like Tribilin Sound, Rafael Aragon, Nixtamal, Atropolis and lots more. This cool one comes from Copenhagens Copia Doble Systema. Long time no heard a new Tune from over there.
4 – Bum Bum (Yelram Selectah Cumbia QuickFix) – Die Antwoord
South Afrikas Die Antwoord comes out with a new mixtape and for the first time there is a Song in Spanish on it. Sure this deserved a Cumbia Remix. And this one comes wicked from Tijuana Mexico. FOK!
Malo5 – Caribe (DJ Karim & Punto Rojo Remix) – ELMALO & Alto Peru
Malo Malone aka. ELMALO is based in Stockholm and has a brandnew 10 Track Album out where he combines all the different modern Cumbia Styles with his cool Lyrics. He collected Beatz by an Producer All Star List including Bigote, Blass, Happy Colors, El Dusty and some more. This one is original produced by Alto Peru de BsAs based on a Kraftwerk melody and got his remix by DJ Karim. International!
turbokillacumbiacover6 – Chicle – Turbo Sonidero
Via Terror Negro Records comes the Album by San Jose, California Resident Turbo Sonidero. He is specialized on the Cumbia Rebajada and this means that this 8 Track Album will bring you in a vibrant and deep mood. Slow it down my Selectah!
7 – La Fiebre! – Hnry
So the connection is strong between SJ and Monterrey and Hnry comes with one of his loveley melodies.
8 – Cartagena De Indias – Turbo Sonidero
Slowing down La Reina de la Bullerenge Petrona Martinez. Cool Work!
EMV-SanLunesEP9 – Aqhata Tomani – EMV
The San Lunes EP is a mystical voyage from Bolivia to Argentina. Marimbas, Cuatros, Guiros, Synthesizers, Surf Guitars and a magic groove.
10 – Ocho – Animal Chuki
From Lima, Peru comes Animal Chuki and you’ll find this on the Cumbia Libertad Compilation. The Album is available in Vinyl and Digital.
11 – Alex Heduvan vs Los Reyes de la Milanga – Villa Diamante
From Neuquen to Cordoba to BsAs. An Argentina All Star Crew in the House and the boys going wild. Alex has a cool Flow in the Rap.
12 – Moviembre (Sumohair Remix) – G-Flux
So in the moment is no time to wear a beard. Like Boogat said, grow it in November. And so the G-Flux Riddim is free to get another edit by our fav Cholo Sumo Hair. Eastcoast-Westcoast-ting. Find Shabba and Sublime in this cool mix.
13 – El Borracho – EMV
Next one from the fantastic El Milagro Verde
14 – Perreo Loop Colombiaton – DJ Eze Stylee ft Seba TC
OK, forget everything, going deep into the Tra. Metele!
15 – Rastaman-dita (Mashup Mexico Cumbia Edit) – Molotov
me gusta chichi, me gusta chacha. Mash Up Mexico in a Punky Cumbia Remix Mode, giving DFs Molotov a new Sound.
CuerpoCaliente-cover16 – La Mona 2.0 – Sr H El Habano Dj Bekman
More DF Time, all the monkeys hands up and a perrear!
17 – Cuerpo Caliente II – Doma Tornados
Guillermo Piacenza is an Argentine, Barcelona based, artist who produces and performs live as Doma Tornados. He did a lot of cool Eps and here comes his newest one called Cuerpo Caliente which comes very minimal and percussive.
santiTugce18 – Doña Antonia – Santi & Tugçe
The EP “El Regreso del Gallito” (The Return of the Rooster) takes its inspiration from the sounds and landscapes of Paraguay, and takes you on a tantalizing journey into this “island surrounded by red coasts, in the heart of South America”. Santi (from Asunción, Paraguay) & Tuğçe (from Istanbul, Turkey) first met in the U.S. in 2007 and have been recording 3 Albums since. The 5 Track EP is released via Frente Bolivarista.
19 – Suerte – D’Maduro & El Malo
Taking a step away from his background in the drum and bass and
hip-hop scene, ELMALO now releases WHO IS ELMALO? The Album comes with a nice Lyricsbook and some Acapellas to make your own remix.
caribombo20 – Guateque – Caribombo
Carlos Guillén, Percussion, Dj and Producer comes from Maracaibo, Venezuela and we was talking here earlier bout this 6 Track EP wich is called “Origen”. Trailer load of good Vibes in here. Get the Album via Optikal Dubs. Digital Cumbia, Afro House, Tropical Bass and Afro-Latin Roots are some of the elements that best describe Caribombo’s style when he’s making people dance.

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 62

Posted on 12 December 2015 by Andrés

cumbia 62Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No62. This month I selected 27 Tunes in a one Hour mix for your pleasure. Everybody have a cool Christmas and a good start into the new year. Love, Peace and Cumbia!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

1 – Cumbianani – Unknown
Starting the Round Up with one of this Tunes where I dont know the Artist or even where I found it.
2 – Jose – Rafael Aragon
Our homies from the Cassette Blog are celebrating their 5th Birthday with lots of Compilation. So you will find a whole bunch of Tunes in this mix. Starting with Rafael Aragon from Paris with Love. Rafael also has a cool new Footwerk Ep out wich you can find here.
coyote3 – Riot Woman – Coyote
Via Funk n Caixa comes this Ep produced by DJ Chernobyl bringing together Brazilian Vibes, Gurachero Beats and Punky Vocals by Edu K.
4 – Cumbia Explosiva – Sistema Beat Andino
5 – Ven – Sonido Mamalón ft Ohmeg4 & Biukte
From Chihuahua, Mexico comes the Project Sonido Mamalon with the 6 Track Album “Nijé Cahuíhuarachi” (Mi Tierra) released via REGIONAL
6 – Te Ves Bien Buena – Ritmo Bestial!
Ritmo Bestial from Puebla, Mx with a new Version of El Generals Classic Tune
va-sonora_multinacional-(curada_x_loko_bono)7 – Tu Tatu – Che Cumbe
8 – Cumbia Satanica – Bigote ft El Malo
Caballito Mastermind Bigote also seems hyperactive in the moment throwing out remix after remix.
9 – Good Boy – HNRY
All the Songs in this Round Up without a comment you will find on the Cassette Compilations.
10 – Duende – Dj Roots ft Clipse
11 – Cumbia sorpresa – Big Mama Laboratorio
12 – Porro Bonito – Curt Powell
Curt Powell comes from Braunschweig Germany and has a cool sound between Moomba, Twerk, Cumbia and oriental Stuff
va-i_want_your_riddim-(curado_x_the_ghost)_web 0113 – Suerte (Original Mix) – D’Maduro
This one is not new, 2 Years old but just found it and as its a banger I had to include this.
14 – MiMiMi – Moombalorange
This comes from a Collective named MOOMBALCUINA and here are ending my informations.
misterio15 – Mini Conga – El Buga
16 – Azul – Nixtamal
17 – Zulqui – Esteban Peon
18 – El Campo De Termina – El Hijo del Misterio
Via KUMBALE comes the Ocarina Tropical EP
19 – Lagartijeando – Marimbazo
Cardos Rodando aka Lagartijeando ends up being a cocktail of Andean modern Brazilian rhythms and textures groove. A new piece to assemble their own imaginary sound map of Latin America. This is released via Frente Bolivarista
neki20 – Lullby (Mashup Mexico Cumbia Edit ) – The Cure
Here comes a cool remix of The Cure by the Mashup Mexico Collective
21 – El silbon – Del Morro
22 – Volver al futuro, ahora! – Chelo Scotti
23 – Morcilla (Original Mix) – Neki
Neki has made a name into moombahton originals, remixes and edits. With hundreds of productions, he has widely contributed to spread global beats worldwide, never forgetting to remain rooted into folk music. This is released via the french Label VLAD.
24 – Bacanal – Rafi El
The Dutty Artz Crew coming with the new 2 Track release of LA based Singer/Songwriter Rafi El.
SHNG00625 – En Orbita – Superpendejos
The En Orbita EP by our good friends Superpendejos is simply an intergalactic journey to the Latin-Folk and Nu-Cumbia hyperspace, full of emotion, passion and good vibes! This is released via the new Label Shango!
26 – Jumpman (Uproot Andy Dembow Remix) – Drake Future
So we are not starting a discussion about copyrights and Soundcloud on this Track. Remember the Rightsholder is the Rightsholder – Pa’ joderte! Catch the cleaned version here
27 – Dale Guaracha – Dj Asir
Ending the Roundup with some Tribal from Monterrey, Mx.

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 55

Posted on 16 May 2015 by Andrés

Early Summer Sun heating up Germany and makes living easy. Chilling in the Sun, hanging around in coffeeshops, making clouds and listening to a never ending Guiro and a constant offbeat. Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No55, now the only and oldest constantly running Cumbia Listening Club on the whole Internet. Check the music, again we have the hottest and newest Cumbia related Tracks for you and you will find more free downloads in the Text.
cumbia 55
Catch me if you can – meet and greet – 22.05. Barcelona (España/Catalunya) Gozalow with Doma Tornados and Sonikgroove @ Barts Club

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

lasciviobohemia1 – La Cumbia De Los Viajeros – Lascivio Bohemia
Starting this Round Up with a boy from Ecuador, first time in the Round Up last month, this time he comes with a full lenght Album. And this is really a cool Album. It is released via Regional and you could load it here.
2 – Silbando (Tribilin Sound Treatment) – Los Ribereños
Hyperactive Tribilin Sound from Peru comes with a new Remix of Peruvians Chicha-Classicos Los Ribereños.
cabeza-066-remolon3 – El Preferido (Sonikgroove Mix) – El Remolón
Here comes a 6 Track Remix Album via Cabeza. The original Production “El preferido” of El Remolon, located in Buenas Aires, gettin remixed by Barcelombias Sonikgroove, Superpendejos, Quechuaboy and many more.
It’s a freeload.
4 – The End (Turbo Mex) – Turbo Sonidero Futuristico
San Josés Turbo Sonidero with an older Tune from his EP “Tumbias Electronicas”. Sounds still fresh.
barba5 – Pomelo mandando fruta – El Barba Dub
El Barba Dub comes from Argentina and now is located in Mexico. Here he comes with an 7 Track EP released via El Hijo de la Cumbias Wakan Tanka Records. Listen the full Album here.
6 – Hacia El Río (DLMJ Remix) – Andrés Digital ft. Masilva
DLMJ from Oakland gives a new Sound to the Tune Hacia el Rio using lost Trumpet Files.
pakongal7 – Guayaba – Pa Kongal
Francisco Cerezo aka Pa Kongal from Cuernavaca, Mexico made an EP basicly dedicated a Zouk Bass with many influences and fits perfect into a Cumbia Mix. This is released via Cassette Blog.
8 – Dice la Gente – Erick Jaimez
How I love this Tune by the hyperactive Traplord from Dallas/Texas. This comes from the EP 7. Listen the full Album here.
9 – La Frekuencia (Cero39 Remix) – Paco Mendoza
This was released via Berlins La Chusma Records last year and is a real cool Remix in typical Cero39 Sound from Bogota/Colombia to Paco Mendoza Berlin/Germany. Check the 3 Track Ep here.
toros10 – Dope walk (Heavy Edit) – Toros
Okokok here comes the EP of the month. Tropical Bass in perfection via El Dustys Americano Label. Check the 3-Track EP here.
11 – El Choclo (Cinco De Mayo Flip) – Fresco & Erick Jaimez
Think about Cinco de Mayo what you want, but this remix is really cool bringing together Mariachis, Cumbia and Trap.
12 – Kaleidoscopio – Coconutah & KayGee
2 Originals and 2 Remixes by Tribilin Sound and Señor Chancho you will find on this EP released via Regional. Listen the full EP here.
uprootandy13 – Manolo (Uproot Andy Remix) – Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto
Papa Andy comes out with a new 3 Track EP via Que Bajo, legendary Party in NY entering higher Levels. Must have EP and Fav of the month Number 2. Check the Barrioteca EP here, it’s a freeload.
14 – King Stitt Meet Tha Bomba – Lascivio Bohemia
Second Tune from the new Album “Le Rumbe Saborella” de Lascivio Bohmeia mixing up King Stitts early Dancehall Vocals with digital Cumbia and fat Basses. Perfecto!
15 – Gyal She A Gimme (Jamaican Mexican Refix) Sumo Hair
Cut hair or cut Music, Sumo Hair fixes everything. Join his cutting Session in LA if you can!
16 – Cumbia Cuantica – Doma Tornados
Guillermo Piacenza is an Argentine, Barcelona based, artist who produce and performs as Doma Tornados. Explorations on Southamerican rhythms blended with fat basslines, live percussion, delicate sharp guitars and smoked tech-dub trickery. Get this 2 Track EP which is released via Folcore here.
17 – Cumbia Del Rio – Sauvage FM & Szam Varadino
“Cumbia del Rio” is a mix of Latin guitars and Eletro-House rhythms with powerful brass for the chorus. Szam Varadino might not be very happy that Sauvage FM has turned his Cumbia ballad into an Electro/House/Cumbia track. Whatever, he always bounces on it. This will be part of the Salicorne EP soon on Vlad Rec.
18 – Por Qué – Danochilango & Mambe
And finally 3ball from Copenhague, Dinamarca and second release de Wakan Tanka Records in this Round Up. Find the Promovideo here and the Full Album here. Mambe is Colombiana and lived for a long time in Sueca and played nearly all Festivals in Dinamarca with different Bands.

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Andrés Digital y su Conjunto Extraterrestrial (Album) + Recordando (Bonus Remix EP)

Posted on 22 September 2014 by Andrés

Andres Digital“Andrés Digital y su Conjunto Extraterrestrial” (Tropic-all 2014) is a “Cumbia + Bass All Star Album” bringing on all the diversity of the Nu-Cumbia Movement. 4 Original Tunes by Andrés Digital getting remixed by his favorite Producers bringing in all their Talent. And be sure that all the Remixers did great Jobs (not to talk about the Musicans) and converting the original Material into different Styles. Start your Cumbia Party here !!
MasilvaHacia el Rio ft. Masilva (Bogota, Colombia)
When I started to work on this beatz I didn’t know who will voice it. So I made this slow Cumbia Beat with heavy Dem Bow-influence at the beginning of 2014. At that time I fall In love with the Song “Paramo en el Tropico” which was sung by the Bogota based Artist Masilva. So I sent a mail over to Colombia and asked him if he want to spread his vibe to my Riddim. Listen what beautiful words he spent to my beat. This got Remixes by Superpendejos (Barcelona, España) and Los Reyes de la Milanga (Cordoba, Argentina).
longfingahWake Up ft. Longfingah (Berlin, Alemania)
From the Mexican Desert into the deepness of the DF Clubs, Massive jump up and down in Guadalajara and again entering a Bus touring thru Mexico from the East to the West with Guiro and Bass. Fiestón, Mezcal and lovely People. Longfingah is one of Germany most active Dancehall MCs with many Projects in the making. This got Remixes by Lata (Santiago, Chile), Chong X (Cusco, Peru) and Pupa Vinylist (Darmstadt, Germany).
Mama LimonZukaina ft. Mama Limon (Darmstadt, Alemania)
Mama Limon is a Band with Members from Peru, Venezuela and Germany based in Darmstadt, Germany. Here we go in classic Colombian Champeta Style. African Guitars meeting Colombian Carnival Vibes. This Song by Ivan Rodriguez (Caracas, Venezuela) got Remixes from Kinky Electric Noise (Miami, Estados Unidos) and Dany F (Medellin, Colombia)
Inti IrieNicetime ft. Inti Irie (Lima, Peru)
Here comes together the rough Vibe of Jungle, a distorted Mambo Piano, a Steelpan from Trinidad and the spirit of Bob Marley. The lovely Vocals from Inti Irie from Lima, Peru spreading a cool Vibe. This got Remixes from Alan Rosales (Mexico DF), Yelram Selectah (Tijuana, Mexico) and Dash Slktr (Cali, Colombia)


Some Visual Fun !!

Find the Album on SpotifyITunesBandcamp

And if this is not enough, here comes (as Bonus) the “Recordando” EP with 4 Remixes ft. Schlachthofbronx ft. Nicky da B, Grupo Bahia with El Malito and Inti Irie spreading Afro-Pacific Vibes, Bounty Killer with Barrington Levi back to back inna di Dancehall and Los Rebeldes del Rock turning the heat on. Ay que calor. From Cumbia to Dancehall, from 3ball to the Rio Magdalena. More Bassvibes and Dancehall-Killers released via the fine Netlabel El Flying Monkey from Venezuela. This is a free Download !!

Find the EP on Bandcamp

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 45

Posted on 18 May 2014 by Andrés

This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No45 aka. Desde Colombia hasta el Universo Vol.2 and this comes in form of a full length Mixtape with 41 Tunes in 90 Minutes, selected out of the newest Cumbia related Releases and you can download it for free. There are lots of cool releases this month, one Compilation, lots of EPs and some Albums.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

selva1. – † Iluminanos Santa Cecilia † – Grupo Jejeje
2. – Mi Negra (El Búho Dub) Yerba Brava Remixes
3. – El Preferido – El Remolon (From the Album Selva via ZZK)
4. – Cumbiatizaje – Aliens Dread
los_reyes_de_la_milanga-insert_coin5. – Violet Dance – Los Reyes De La Milanga (Insert Coin EP via
6. – La Frekuencia (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix) – Paco Mendoza (From the EP La Frekuencia via La Chusma)
7. – Tropik bass (Original Mix) La Monte – MG Elias El Chapu Chapo
a0863374682_28. – El Verde De Tus Ojos (RCA Zouk Bass Rework) Los Llayras (From the Gozadera Cumbia Sonidera EP via
9. – La Danza del Supermercado – Todopoderoso Popular Marcial
10. – Llego La Hora de Mover La Cola – El Malito (From Rafael Aragons upcoming EP for Latino Resiste)
11. – Bonjour Hi! (D&B Remix By Add On de bass) La Pata y El Pato
ego12. – Bacilah coqueta – Dengue Dengue Dengue! y Los Reyes De La Milanga (From the EP Ego Dj via
13. – La Vey – Tribilin Sound (From the EP Peruvian Cassette via
14. – Cumbia Rebajada (Ghost Remix)
15. – Fuma (Peligrosa Perreo Remix) – MLSM
16. – Fiesta de los Rescadores – Dj Neir (From the Compilation Latin Bass Mexico Vol.3)
17. – La Libelula – Superpendejos love Mariana Montalvo
sendero-mistico2118. – Virgenes Del Sol – Sonido Gallo Negro – (From the Album Sendero Mistico via Glitterbeat)
19. – El mató (Los reyes de la milanga Remix) Camanchaca
(From the Album Digitalísimo Bailable Remixes via
20. – Fuego Le Vamos A Dar (HydroSelekter Refix)
21. – TchakaLakaBoomBoom – Pancho Camacho (From the Transversal EP)
22. – Onanismo – Tribilin Sound (From the EP Peruvian Cassette via
23. – Sumo Hair (Cumbiaton Remix) – Arrested Developement
24. – Royal Crown Cumbia – Piper Street Sound
25. – Selvática – Real Cumbia Activa ft El Catorce (From the Gozadera Cumbia Sonidera EP via
26. – No Tan Listo – Los Rakas (From the Album El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo via
27. – Papi Chulo (Original Cumbiaton Mix) – Sonido Satanas
astros28. – Vamos Bailando (Andres Digital Remix) – Astros De Mendoza (From the Vamos Bailando Remix EP via
29. – Es una cumbiahtrap – Don Juan Pachanga (From the Compilation Latin Bass Mexico vol.3)
30. – Prende la mecha (Remix) – Locos por Juana
31. – Push The Cumbia (Mashup The Chemical Brothers) Don Alex
32. – De paso – Mucho Bueno
33. – Colorado – DJ Caution
34. – Menea – ShazaLaKazoo feat. Miss Bolivia (DJ Morru Cumbiaton Remix) (From the Album Monobrow)
latin bass mexico35. – Mont la – Gayo Negro (From the Compilation Latin Bass Mexico Vol.3)
36. – Cumbia Barata Caballito – Malefics (From the Album Fuck Everything and Become Malefics via Caballito)
37. – Tomando trago – Pancho Camacho (From the Compilation Latin Bass Mexico Vol.3)
38. – Prende La Mecha – Anarkia Tropikal (From the Album La Venganza De Los Brujos)
malefics39. – Faluma (Africa Latina Remix) – Yakki Famirie (From the EP Suriname Ting via
40. – Vestido (feat Lido Pimienta) El Remolon (From the Album Selva via ZZK)
41. – Dance of the loving dead – Malefics (From the Album Fuck Everything and Become Malefics via Caballito)

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 41

Posted on 12 January 2014 by Andrés

Querido/as Amigos y Amigas here is Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up Epsiode No 41. The first one in 2014 so best wishes to you and your loved ones. Starting the music, press play and turn your speakers up !!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

corbeau1 – Mali Punk Rock – Oye!Simpson
Starting this Round Up with John Smith aka Qye!Simpson who has a new EP out wich is titled Corbeau. This is a real beauty and one of my fav 2013 Albums. Only Problem is that it contains only 3 Tunes. Quiero mas, me oyes!Simpson ?

2 – Diz iz why im hot Remix – Kumbia Queers vs. Die Antwoord
Theres nothing you can do wrong when you mixup the Kumbia Queers and South Africas freakyst Die Antwoord. Dont know who has done the remix, must be a Ali Guagüis Production.

3 – Fiesta De Santa Lucía – DJ Rayo
I’m a big fan of Dj Rayo aka. Leandro J. Comán from Buenos Aires, Argentina for a longtime and here he comes with a full length album titled “Colombian Free Mix” bringing together classic Cumbia Hits and modern Beats with lots of style. This was released via the young chilean lable Sello Regional.

EZLN portada4 – Matanza en Barranquilla – P18 Live Machine
This beautifull Compilation is dedicated to the Zapatistas who started their revolution from Chiapas 20 years ago. So this revolution started with Weapon and Guitar in the Hand and the Ladys always marching in the frontline. Since the beginning the EZLN got support by musicans like Rage against the Machine, Manu Chao, Asian Dub Foundation, Fermin Muguruza, Sergent Garcia and manymany more. Listen Subcomandate Marcos: “We don’t want to impose our solutions by force, we want to create a democratic space. We don’t see armed struggle in the classic sense of previous guerrilla wars, that is as the only way and the only all-powerful truth around which everything is organized. In a war, the decisive thing is not the military confrontation but the politics at stake in the confrontation. We didn’t go to war to kill or be killed. We went to war in order to be heard.” Rebelsounds & Latino Resiste teamed up to bring you this Compilation for free – EZLN 20 Years Zapata Vive – Spread the word !

zaratustra vazquez5 – Eclesiast-s-33 – Sonido Changorama
One minute of Silence ? Shure not and sadly Zaratustra Vázquez is not the man who lived forever and died to early, “a causa de un accidente absurdo, una fuga de gas” was written in the newspapers. Ufff. RIP 30.12.2013.

6 – Amalucan – Orihuela M.S.S. (Zoonido Remix)
Raúl Orihuela Montes de Oca aka. Orihuela from Puebla, Mexico has a new album out, where his Thema Amaluacan get remixed by Bootlegumachine, Dany F, Randy Salazar, Pa Kongal, Pita Wilona, El Catorce, Club de Baile, Ritmo Bestial, Zoonido and Tribilin Sound. M.S.S.Amalucan Remixes is a freeload.

rayo7 – Está Loco El Negro – DJ Rayo

8 – Campanero 2013 – Erick Jaimez
Here comes my next “Best of 2013” Album from the “Dallas Cumbiaholic” Erick Jaimez presenting the hard House side of Cumbia. This is also a freeload.

9 – Viene de Mi (DJSDA Edit) – La Yegros
What was the biggest Cumbia Hit last year ? Maybe it was La Yegros and our most loved Friks are always cooking some hot remixes so here comes Dj Sandro de America with his version of the material. This got Stail !!

10 – World’s Better – Tonto Irie (Ritmo Bestial Remix)
Again from Puebla, Mx comes Ritmo Bestial with a 90s Raggamuffin Steppers-Cumbia Crossover. Cool Stuff !

11 – Flor y Pondio el colibri (Borchi Remix) – Los Jefes del Desierto
This is such a big tune, such a cool remix by DFs Jefe del Desierto Pablo Borchi.

12 – Montaña y Mar – Bleepolar
Bogotas Bleepolar is searching a singer for this riddim, meanwhile he gives it away with Erick B & Rakim and their classic tune ‘I Know you Got Soul’

13 – Juegue (Andrés Digital Remix) – Beat Buffet
DFs Beat Buffet is Pablo Borchi and Raúl Sotomayor. Sometimes 2 dj´s and sometimes a 7 piece Band. Juegue is the titlesong of their cool Album released via Tropic-all. I changed the funky vibe into a Cumbia Sonidera. Banger !!

diabolo14 – El Diablo Alegre (Original Mix) – Los Chicos Altos feat Palo Q’Sea
Once again Barcelonas Chicos Altos teamed up with the afro-colombian folklore ensemble Palo Q’Sea and mixed traditional and modern beats. So you can find Cumbia, Chandé and other rhythms mixed with Dancehall, House, Bmore and Jungle and remixes by Novalima, K.Sabroso, Superpendejos and more

15 – Limoncito con Ron (DASH slktr Edit) – Rodolfo Aicardi
From Medellin to Cali, from Salsa to Cumbia. Move your Esceleto to this Dash slktr Remix.

vuelo16 – Muerto mi Abuelo (Deela Remix) – Umoja
Umojas Vuelo Nocturno EP was one of the great EPs in the last year and here are coming the Remixes from El Búho, Deela, Bleepolar, Dany F and more again released by el Sello Regional. Find the EP here or here

17 – Tan Sucia! – The Ghost
Moombahtonista Yedid Gutierrez comes from DF and this is all know bout The Ghost. Tan mysterioso!

18 – I wanna be like you (Andrés Digital Remix) – Louis Prima
When you look into Disneys Junglebook you could find real good inspiration for how to dance the Cumbia. This Remix comes from my very soon to be released EP “La Revancha de Andrés Digital” via KONN Records. Get into King Louis groove !!

amalucan19 – Amalucan (Ritmo Bestial Rmx) – Orihuela M.S.S.

20 – Trampa De Lodo – Sonido Changorama
Find the superb Album “Los Padres de la Patria” on Bandcamp.

flashback21 – Flashback (Reptilian Commander Remix) – El Remolon
El Remolon is working on his new Album “Selva” wich will be released somewhere in 2014. Meanwhile he gives out the Flashback Remixes with mixtures by Dengue Dengue Dengue! (Peru), Copia Doble Systema (Denmark), Maga Bo (Brazil), El Buho (Netherlands), Cero 39 (Colombia), and all the Argentine crew like Brujas with Mc Hanna Shinohara, Tropikore, Black Mandingo, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Soret Cosmic, Esmink and the Reptillian Commander.

erick jaimez22 – Cienaguera – Erick Jaimez

23 – The White Suit – Oye!Simpson

Thanx for listening/reading – spread the Cumbia Vibe – TBs Cumbia Round Up will be back in Febuary. Meanwhile catch me if you can – Meet and greet – Im out to Belgium –
7.2. Bruxelles / Talles / Taxi Brousse #2 with Max le Daron – – – 8.2. Liege / Pot au Lait with Gaetano Dub

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40

Posted on 15 December 2013 by Andrés

OK, this is Andrés Digitals monthly Cumbia Round Up No 40 aka. La Cumbia – Desde Colombia hasta el Universo. First apologizes for missing the Round Up last month, but as many of you know I was out of Office to meet some friends. The Tour was unbelivable and I will come out soon again. So today you get a round up of Cumbia productions mostly released in the last 2 month…just a quick few, just a ride through the versatility of Cumbia Winter 2013 – 42 Tunes – 90 Minutes – Run the mix my selectah !!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

Recao1 Lima – Los Reyes De La Milanga
2 Inna Different Light (Damo Naimad Remix) – Dub Conscious
3 El Cafetero (El Búho Remix) – Los Guacharacos de Colombia
4 Ohtonqui painalli – Sonido Mamalón Space Cumbia
5 Flor De Cactus (Barrio Lindo Remix) – Fortaleza
6 Abduction – Cybernetiko
7 Conmigo nadie pueda – Artist Unknown
8 Touch It (Don Beto Remix) – Daft Punk vs. Bustha Rhymes
Regional9 Got it – Dj SuperStereo
10 Himno Cumbial (Sonidero Simon) – Al Brownie
11 Puta Fama – Che Cumbe
12 Tropical Digital – Polymiller
13 Disfruto (Add On de Bass D&B Rmx) – Carla Morrison
14 Mueve (Piper Street Sound Remix) – DASH Slktr feat. Sara Acero
15 Cumbia pa gozar – Los Angeles Azules
Misa De Medianoche16 La Cumbia Cura – La Misa Negra
17 Moviembre (SuperPendejos Remix 2013) – G-Flux ft. Boogat
18 Extraña Calle – Damo Naimad ft.Piper Street Sound
19 Tomate El Palo – Miss Bolivia ft. Leo Garcia
20 Sanguijuela (Tepachero Re-Edit) G-Flux ft. Empresarios
21 Soledad (Estilo Philthy) – Philthy Dronez
22 Noches de Amor (Andrés Digital Remix) – Alfredo Gutierrez + Calixto Ochoa
miau23 1/2 Mexican 1/2 Colombian Porro – The Horny Chihuahua
24 Otra vez – Frikstailers
25 Welcome to Tijuana (Oralestyle Edit) – Freaky Phillip vs. Manu Chao
26 Move It (Lagartijeando Tropical ReMix) – B.B.B.
27 Llegamos – Fauna
28 Esta Fiesta – Artist Unknown
fauna29 Work It (Don Beto Remix) – Gaita de Tambora vs. Missy Elliott
30 Atlantic Cuantic Cumbia – Gux Swadharma
31 Know your Rights (Andrés Digital Mashup) – The Clash ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson
32 El Nomada (Azdjmelo Remix) – Kingman Fire
33 La Gallina Culidura (Thornato Remix) – Gualajo
34 Blanco y Negro – Palenke Soultribe
Karimba diabolica35 La tortuga (Joe Arroyo’s Moombah Reprise) – Don Juan Pachanga
36 Mamaye (Nickodemus Remix) – Novalima
37 Latin champion (Proyecto Uno vs Buju Banton Mashup) – Ata Selektah
38 Contacto (Remix) Kinky Electric Noise
39 Sexy (El Dusty X Alan Rosales Guarachero-Remix)
40 Me duele el alma (Andrés Digital Remix) – Maria Mulata y su Conjunto
Wepa Life41 La Gozadera – Palenke Soultribe
42 Caballito Nocturno (Borchi Remix) – Sonido Gallo Negro

As you can see, as you can hear there are lots of beautifull EPs and Albums out. Most of them are free, for others you have to pay lil fee. And shure I say it again Happy Happy Birthday dear Collegues of the CASSETTE Blog, 3 years old and still fresh and so much cool music. Have a long life. Soooo please check all the included links to find more stuff. Cumbia Round Up will be back in January 2014, so have a cool Christmas with your loved ones and celebrate new years eve de puta madre. Vamonos !!
mueveSonido ConurbanoLOCOS ONLY

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32

Posted on 14 April 2013 by Andrés

Welcome, Bienvenidos. This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up. And I did it again – another dobble Round – this is dedicated to all the people who still requesting another Round of “La Cumbia – Desde Colombia hasta el Mundo”. To much Cumbias of Class to choose only 5. And as I do not only repost Soundcloud Links you get it in a tight mix…also check out the older Round Ups – all 31 of them are online and some of dem gettin massive plays. You will find so much pearls. Thank you dear listeners, gracias a la Cumbia !!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

bigoteCumbia No 1 Grupo la Droga – El Ventarron (Bigote Remix)
Bigote is the man who just killed the Dengue Dengue Dengue Guys, you may have seen this shocking pictures in the Internet. The Man from Granadas Caballito Crew is coming around a lot and is remixing Grupo de las Droga Psychedelic Chicha Tune with love.

Cumbia No 2 Makina Kandela – Tócate Esta
This lovely Group comes from Santiago de Chile. The 9 Musicans from Chile and Colombia unites the love for traditional and contemporary Sound from the Colombian Carribbean Coast. So you get Cumbia, Bullerenge, Gaita, Merengue, Porro and many more. Toda/os esperamos el viernes !!


cantecaCumbia No 3 Canteca de Macao – Nunca es Tarde
This group is now 10 years old and what started as kids in Madrid, Spain now is a big success with more then 90 Concerts played in 2012. The 6 Musican Band has 5 Albums out wich you could download via their Homepage. The Tune “Nunca es tarde” I found on the beautifull Rebel Sounds Compilation wich you could download here.


Cumbia No 4 Super Spanish Combo – Crudo
The Super Spanish Combo comes from Barcelona (Spain/Catalunya). And as Barna allways had a very own Latino Sound they mixup Cumbia, Calypso, Salsa, Son…with hip hop and funk in a very special way. (Did I say this before ??) You have to give a listen to their brandnew Album “Llego el Combo” wich you could Download for free via their Bandcamp. For the Vinyl Lovers also is something available, but you have to be fast, because of it’s a limited Edition !!


3ballmtyCumbia No 5 Manos Arriba Cumbia Interlude (Sheeqo Beat vs DJ Sugu)
Sergio Zaval aka. Sheeqo Beat is part of Monterreys 3ballMTY Colective. And could you imagine that this young guys now have a “Disco De Oro” for their Smashhit Intentalo. Big Up Tribaleros and if we are here at the mighty Cumbia Round Up I don’t play 3ball, here we have a lil Cumbia Edit.


Cumbia No 6 Relo Feat. Hanna – Final Feliz
Relo is DJ and Producer and has a cool Album out together with Hanna Shinohara. Both from Buenos Aires/Argentina combining Space Cumbia Sounds and deep Bass. “Final Feliz” comes with 2 Vocal Mixes and 2 Dub Versions and is a freeload via Sub Klub. Check them out, they have more cool stuff.

Relo SoundcloudFacebook
Hanna SoundcloudFacebook

caballoCumbia No 7 Bring the beat Back (Caballo Cumbia Grit Edit)
OK, what should I say bout my dear compañero Alberto Caballero aka. Caballo, Colombiano from Toronto/Canada. Mastermind of Latino Resiste and Rebel Rec., Blogger for and many more relevant Bass Blogs, Musican, Singer and Creator of new Genres. So you shure noticed the Molly Grit EP wich you could Download here for free. Molly Grit is a music tag that grabs the molecular base of trap, moombahton, juke, dubstep and tropical bass sounds. In this Remix here he combines this con the loved Cumbia. Fresh !!

Soundcloud FacebookLatino Resiste

Cumbia No 8 DJ Shotnez (feat. Bomba Estereo) – Nighttime (Superpendejos Remix)
Next one is real Worldmusic…Ori Kaplan aka. DJ Shotnez is Part of the Balkan Beat Box, ex Member of Gogol Bordello, Residente in NY and Traveler. Bomba Estero and Li Saumet is one of Colombias finest and Al Lindrum & David Miret are Superpendejos from Barcelona (again the Town of Angels) and are the Remixers of this Boom Tune. Vente pa aqui !!

Shotnez SoundcloudFacebook
Bomba Estereo Home
Superpendejos Soundcloud Facebook

yelramCumbia No 9 La Maquinita (Yelram Selectah)
Antonio Apodaca aka Yelram Selectah comes from Tijuana, Mexico. He has some hot stuff for give away check his EPs – Muertos en Vida (EP) , My Bass (EP Remixes) and Ritmo & Sabor (EP)


Cumbia No 10 Shacalao (El Timbe Tropical RMX)
Ok, last one, Barcelona again…not really Cumbia but for me it fits perfect into this RoundUp Mix. Ricardo Muñoz aka. El Timbe is freestyler because of this his music is called Timberismo and this is good !! He is part of the Folcore Crew and you also have to check out all his beautifull mixes


Amigo/as Un Abrazo
Andrés Digital

PS If there are any Questions contact andresdigital(a)tropicalbass(dot)com. Also I will be available for some Bookings from October till December. So if your intersted in a Cumbia Bass Set (including 3ball, Moombah and other Stuff)…lets talk.

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