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Smokey Cumbia – Superpendejos vs Steel Pulse

Posted on 11 July 2012 by Caballo

2 Smokey Cumbia   Superpendejos vs Steel Pulse

Reggae+ Cumbia!!
Brand new track from Superpendejos..
Set as Free Download
Smokey Cumbia – Superpendejos vs Steel Pulse by SuPerPEndEjoS

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Exclusive TB- Superpendejos > El Macho pendejo

Posted on 16 June 2012 by Caballo

05 300x300 Exclusive TB  Superpendejos  data-recalc-dims= El Macho pendejo" title="05" width="300" height="300" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-11417" />
SuperPendejos presents their debut release on UWR, a three track Ep showcasing some of their trademarks. Lots of Tropical sounds with accordion, melodica and hornsections mixed up with organic fat beats and big basslines.
and we managed to bring an EXCLUSIVE tune from that wicked album that you should grab!

The whole album is absolutely great! And it’s out now… you the arrow and follow the steps!

Superpendejos – Ya Sta Qi by UrbanWorld Records

This is a banger!

Superpendejos – Ya Sta Qi by UrbanWorld Records

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 41

Posted on 12 January 2014 by Andrés

Querido/as Amigos y Amigas here is Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up Epsiode No 41. The first one in 2014 so best wishes to you and your loved ones. Starting the music, press play and turn your speakers up !!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

corbeau 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 411 – Mali Punk Rock – Oye!Simpson
Starting this Round Up with John Smith aka Qye!Simpson who has a new EP out wich is titled Corbeau. This is a real beauty and one of my fav 2013 Albums. Only Problem is that it contains only 3 Tunes. Quiero mas, me oyes!Simpson ?

2 – Diz iz why im hot Remix – Kumbia Queers vs. Die Antwoord
Theres nothing you can do wrong when you mixup the Kumbia Queers and South Africas freakyst Die Antwoord. Dont know who has done the remix, must be a Ali Guagüis Production.

3 – Fiesta De Santa Lucía – DJ Rayo
I’m a big fan of Dj Rayo aka. Leandro J. Comán from Buenos Aires, Argentina for a longtime and here he comes with a full length album titled “Colombian Free Mix” bringing together classic Cumbia Hits and modern Beats with lots of style. This was released via the young chilean lable Sello Regional.

EZLN portada 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 414 – Matanza en Barranquilla – P18 Live Machine
This beautifull Compilation is dedicated to the Zapatistas who started their revolution from Chiapas 20 years ago. So this revolution started with Weapon and Guitar in the Hand and the Ladys always marching in the frontline. Since the beginning the EZLN got support by musicans like Rage against the Machine, Manu Chao, Asian Dub Foundation, Fermin Muguruza, Sergent Garcia and manymany more. Listen Subcomandate Marcos: “We don’t want to impose our solutions by force, we want to create a democratic space. We don’t see armed struggle in the classic sense of previous guerrilla wars, that is as the only way and the only all-powerful truth around which everything is organized. In a war, the decisive thing is not the military confrontation but the politics at stake in the confrontation. We didn’t go to war to kill or be killed. We went to war in order to be heard.” Rebelsounds & Latino Resiste teamed up to bring you this Compilation for free – EZLN 20 Years Zapata Vive – Spread the word !

zaratustra vazquez facebook 400x299 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 415 – Eclesiast-s-33 – Sonido Changorama
One minute of Silence ? Shure not and sadly Zaratustra Vázquez is not the man who lived forever and died to early, “a causa de un accidente absurdo, una fuga de gas” was written in the newspapers. Ufff. RIP 30.12.2013.

6 – Amalucan – Orihuela M.S.S. (Zoonido Remix)
Raúl Orihuela Montes de Oca aka. Orihuela from Puebla, Mexico has a new album out, where his Thema Amaluacan get remixed by Bootlegumachine, Dany F, Randy Salazar, Pa Kongal, Pita Wilona, El Catorce, Club de Baile, Ritmo Bestial, Zoonido and Tribilin Sound. M.S.S.Amalucan Remixes is a freeload.

rayo 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 417 – Está Loco El Negro – DJ Rayo

8 – Campanero 2013 – Erick Jaimez
Here comes my next “Best of 2013″ Album from the “Dallas Cumbiaholic” Erick Jaimez presenting the hard House side of Cumbia. This is also a freeload.

9 – Viene de Mi (DJSDA Edit) – La Yegros
What was the biggest Cumbia Hit last year ? Maybe it was La Yegros and our most loved Friks are always cooking some hot remixes so here comes Dj Sandro de America with his version of the material. This got Stail !!

10 – World’s Better – Tonto Irie (Ritmo Bestial Remix)
Again from Puebla, Mx comes Ritmo Bestial with a 90s Raggamuffin Steppers-Cumbia Crossover. Cool Stuff !

11 – Flor y Pondio el colibri (Borchi Remix) – Los Jefes del Desierto
This is such a big tune, such a cool remix by DFs Jefe del Desierto Pablo Borchi.

12 – Montaña y Mar – Bleepolar
Bogotas Bleepolar is searching a singer for this riddim, meanwhile he gives it away with Erick B & Rakim and their classic tune ‘I Know you Got Soul’

13 – Juegue (Andrés Digital Remix) – Beat Buffet
DFs Beat Buffet is Pablo Borchi and Raúl Sotomayor. Sometimes 2 dj´s and sometimes a 7 piece Band. Juegue is the titlesong of their cool Album released via Tropic-all. I changed the funky vibe into a Cumbia Sonidera. Banger !!

diabolo 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4114 – El Diablo Alegre (Original Mix) – Los Chicos Altos feat Palo Q’Sea
Once again Barcelonas Chicos Altos teamed up with the afro-colombian folklore ensemble Palo Q’Sea and mixed traditional and modern beats. So you can find Cumbia, Chandé and other rhythms mixed with Dancehall, House, Bmore and Jungle and remixes by Novalima, K.Sabroso, Superpendejos and more

15 – Limoncito con Ron (DASH slktr Edit) – Rodolfo Aicardi
From Medellin to Cali, from Salsa to Cumbia. Move your Esceleto to this Dash slktr Remix.

vuelo 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4116 – Muerto mi Abuelo (Deela Remix) – Umoja
Umojas Vuelo Nocturno EP was one of the great EPs in the last year and here are coming the Remixes from El Búho, Deela, Bleepolar, Dany F and more again released by el Sello Regional. Find the EP here or here

17 – Tan Sucia! – The Ghost
Moombahtonista Yedid Gutierrez comes from DF and this is all know bout The Ghost. Tan mysterioso!

18 – I wanna be like you (Andrés Digital Remix) – Louis Prima
When you look into Disneys Junglebook you could find real good inspiration for how to dance the Cumbia. This Remix comes from my very soon to be released EP “La Revancha de Andrés Digital” via KONN Records. Get into King Louis groove !!

amalucan 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4119 – Amalucan (Ritmo Bestial Rmx) – Orihuela M.S.S.

20 – Trampa De Lodo – Sonido Changorama
Find the superb Album “Los Padres de la Patria” on Bandcamp.

flashback 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4121 – Flashback (Reptilian Commander Remix) – El Remolon
El Remolon is working on his new Album “Selva” wich will be released somewhere in 2014. Meanwhile he gives out the Flashback Remixes with mixtures by Dengue Dengue Dengue! (Peru), Copia Doble Systema (Denmark), Maga Bo (Brazil), El Buho (Netherlands), Cero 39 (Colombia), and all the Argentine crew like Brujas with Mc Hanna Shinohara, Tropikore, Black Mandingo, Los Reyes de la Milanga, Soret Cosmic, Esmink and the Reptillian Commander.

erick 150x150 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4122 – Cienaguera – Erick Jaimez

23 – The White Suit – Oye!Simpson

Thanx for listening/reading – spread the Cumbia Vibe – TBs Cumbia Round Up will be back in Febuary. Meanwhile catch me if you can – Meet and greet – Im out to Belgium –
7.2. Bruxelles / Talles / Taxi Brousse #2 with Max le Daron – – – 8.2. Liege / Pot au Lait with Gaetano Dub

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40

Posted on 15 December 2013 by Andrés

OK, this is Andrés Digitals monthly Cumbia Round Up No 40 aka. La Cumbia – Desde Colombia hasta el Universo. First apologizes for missing the Round Up last month, but as many of you know I was out of Office to meet some friends. The Tour was unbelivable and I will come out soon again. So today you get a round up of Cumbia productions mostly released in the last 2 month…just a quick few, just a ride through the versatility of Cumbia Winter 2013 – 42 Tunes – 90 Minutes – Run the mix my selectah !!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

artworks 000062021973 rt040e t500x500 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 401 Lima – Los Reyes De La Milanga
2 Inna Different Light (Damo Naimad Remix) – Dub Conscious
3 El Cafetero (El Búho Remix) – Los Guacharacos de Colombia
4 Ohtonqui painalli – Sonido Mamalón Space Cumbia
5 Flor De Cactus (Barrio Lindo Remix) – Fortaleza
6 Abduction – Cybernetiko
7 Conmigo nadie pueda – Artist Unknown
8 Touch It (Don Beto Remix) – Daft Punk vs. Bustha Rhymes
cover 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 409 Got it – Dj SuperStereo
10 Himno Cumbial (Sonidero Simon) – Al Brownie
11 Puta Fama – Che Cumbe
12 Tropical Digital – Polymiller
13 Disfruto (Add On de Bass D&B Rmx) – Carla Morrison
14 Mueve (Piper Street Sound Remix) – DASH Slktr feat. Sara Acero
15 Cumbia pa gozar – Los Angeles Azules
Misa De Medianoche 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4016 La Cumbia Cura – La Misa Negra
17 Moviembre (SuperPendejos Remix 2013) – G-Flux ft. Boogat
18 Extraña Calle – Damo Naimad ft.Piper Street Sound
19 Tomate El Palo – Miss Bolivia ft. Leo Garcia
20 Sanguijuela (Tepachero Re-Edit) G-Flux ft. Empresarios
21 Soledad (Estilo Philthy) – Philthy Dronez
22 Noches de Amor (Andrés Digital Remix) – Alfredo Gutierrez + Calixto Ochoa
missBolivia 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4023 1/2 Mexican 1/2 Colombian Porro – The Horny Chihuahua
24 Otra vez – Frikstailers
25 Welcome to Tijuana (Oralestyle Edit) – Freaky Phillip vs. Manu Chao
26 Move It (Lagartijeando Tropical ReMix) – B.B.B.
27 Llegamos – Fauna
28 Esta Fiesta – Artist Unknown
Fauna Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4029 Work It (Don Beto Remix) – Gaita de Tambora vs. Missy Elliott
30 Atlantic Cuantic Cumbia – Gux Swadharma
31 Know your Rights (Andrés Digital Mashup) – The Clash ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson
32 El Nomada (Azdjmelo Remix) – Kingman Fire
33 La Gallina Culidura (Thornato Remix) – Gualajo
34 Blanco y Negro – Palenke Soultribe
Novalima Karimba diabolica 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4035 La tortuga (Joe Arroyo’s Moombah Reprise) – Don Juan Pachanga
36 Mamaye (Nickodemus Remix) – Novalima
37 Latin champion (Proyecto Uno vs Buju Banton Mashup) – Ata Selektah
38 Contacto (Remix) Kinky Electric Noise
39 Sexy (El Dusty X Alan Rosales Guarachero-Remix)
40 Me duele el alma (Andrés Digital Remix) – Maria Mulata y su Conjunto
PHILTHYDronezLOGO 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 4041 La Gozadera – Palenke Soultribe
42 Caballito Nocturno (Borchi Remix) – Sonido Gallo Negro

As you can see, as you can hear there are lots of beautifull EPs and Albums out. Most of them are free, for others you have to pay lil fee. And shure I say it again Happy Happy Birthday dear Collegues of the CASSETTE Blog, 3 years old and still fresh and so much cool music. Have a long life. Soooo please check all the included links to find more stuff. Cumbia Round Up will be back in January 2014, so have a cool Christmas with your loved ones and celebrate new years eve de puta madre. Vamonos !!
dash slktr mueve ep 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40EP Cover 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40EL DUSTY LOCOS ONLY V1 cover 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40
va bombastic rhythms 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40va shake it cucumelo 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40va suena el tambor virtual 400x400 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 40

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32

Posted on 14 April 2013 by Andrés

Welcome, Bienvenidos. This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up. And I did it again – another dobble Round – this is dedicated to all the people who still requesting another Round of “La Cumbia – Desde Colombia hasta el Mundo”. To much Cumbias of Class to choose only 5. And as I do not only repost Soundcloud Links you get it in a tight mix…also check out the older Round Ups – all 31 of them are online and some of dem gettin massive plays. You will find so much pearls. Thank you dear listeners, gracias a la Cumbia !!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

bigote 300x230 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32Cumbia No 1 Grupo la Droga – El Ventarron (Bigote Remix)
Bigote is the man who just killed the Dengue Dengue Dengue Guys, you may have seen this shocking pictures in the Internet. The Man from Granadas Caballito Crew is coming around a lot and is remixing Grupo de las Droga Psychedelic Chicha Tune with love.

Cumbia No 2 Makina Kandela – Tócate Esta
This lovely Group comes from Santiago de Chile. The 9 Musicans from Chile and Colombia unites the love for traditional and contemporary Sound from the Colombian Carribbean Coast. So you get Cumbia, Bullerenge, Gaita, Merengue, Porro and many more. Toda/os esperamos el viernes !!


canteca 300x199 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32Cumbia No 3 Canteca de Macao – Nunca es Tarde
This group is now 10 years old and what started as kids in Madrid, Spain now is a big success with more then 90 Concerts played in 2012. The 6 Musican Band has 5 Albums out wich you could download via their Homepage. The Tune “Nunca es tarde” I found on the beautifull Rebel Sounds Compilation wich you could download here.


Cumbia No 4 Super Spanish Combo – Crudo
The Super Spanish Combo comes from Barcelona (Spain/Catalunya). And as Barna allways had a very own Latino Sound they mixup Cumbia, Calypso, Salsa, Son…with hip hop and funk in a very special way. (Did I say this before ??) You have to give a listen to their brandnew Album “Llego el Combo” wich you could Download for free via their Bandcamp. For the Vinyl Lovers also is something available, but you have to be fast, because of it’s a limited Edition !!


3ballmty 199x300 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32Cumbia No 5 Manos Arriba Cumbia Interlude (Sheeqo Beat vs DJ Sugu)
Sergio Zaval aka. Sheeqo Beat is part of Monterreys 3ballMTY Colective. And could you imagine that this young guys now have a “Disco De Oro” for their Smashhit Intentalo. Big Up Tribaleros and if we are here at the mighty Cumbia Round Up I don’t play 3ball, here we have a lil Cumbia Edit.


Cumbia No 6 Relo Feat. Hanna – Final Feliz
Relo is DJ and Producer and has a cool Album out together with Hanna Shinohara. Both from Buenos Aires/Argentina combining Space Cumbia Sounds and deep Bass. “Final Feliz” comes with 2 Vocal Mixes and 2 Dub Versions and is a freeload via Sub Klub. Check them out, they have more cool stuff.

Relo SoundcloudFacebook
Hanna SoundcloudFacebook

caballo 300x225 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32Cumbia No 7 Bring the beat Back (Caballo Cumbia Grit Edit)
OK, what should I say bout my dear compañero Alberto Caballero aka. Caballo, Colombiano from Toronto/Canada. Mastermind of Latino Resiste and Rebel Rec., Blogger for and many more relevant Bass Blogs, Musican, Singer and Creator of new Genres. So you shure noticed the Molly Grit EP wich you could Download here for free. Molly Grit is a music tag that grabs the molecular base of trap, moombahton, juke, dubstep and tropical bass sounds. In this Remix here he combines this con the loved Cumbia. Fresh !!

Soundcloud - FacebookLatino Resiste

Cumbia No 8 DJ Shotnez (feat. Bomba Estereo) – Nighttime (Superpendejos Remix)
Next one is real Worldmusic…Ori Kaplan aka. DJ Shotnez is Part of the Balkan Beat Box, ex Member of Gogol Bordello, Residente in NY and Traveler. Bomba Estero and Li Saumet is one of Colombias finest and Al Lindrum & David Miret are Superpendejos from Barcelona (again the Town of Angels) and are the Remixers of this Boom Tune. Vente pa aqui !!

Shotnez SoundcloudFacebook
Bomba Estereo Home
Superpendejos Soundcloud - Facebook

yelram 300x300 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32Cumbia No 9 La Maquinita (Yelram Selectah)
Antonio Apodaca aka Yelram Selectah comes from Tijuana, Mexico. He has some hot stuff for give away check his EPs – Muertos en Vida (EP) , My Bass (EP Remixes) and Ritmo & Sabor (EP)


Cumbia No 10 Shacalao (El Timbe Tropical RMX)
Ok, last one, Barcelona again…not really Cumbia but for me it fits perfect into this RoundUp Mix. Ricardo Muñoz aka. El Timbe is freestyler because of this his music is called Timberismo and this is good !! He is part of the Folcore Crew and you also have to check out all his beautifull mixes


Amigo/as Un Abrazo
Andrés Digital

PS If there are any Questions contact andresdigital(a)tropicalbass(dot)com. Also I will be available for some Bookings from October till December. So if your intersted in a Cumbia Bass Set (including 3ball, Moombah and other Stuff)…lets talk.

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UrbanWorld – NewYears Compilation (Free Download)

Posted on 05 January 2013 by Leub

Urban World 300x300 UrbanWorld   NewYears Compilation (Free Download)

UrbanWorld Records starts the new year by dropping a free compilation with lots of tunes and remixes by various of their artists and collaborators! To be exact, there are tunes by Copia Doble Systema, Colonel, Paco Silva, La Tropa Colombia, Dub Piraten, SuperPendejos, Copia Doble Systema, Thykier, Silver Bullit, Stereo 77, Kush Arora, N4Sa, Kinck, Solo Moderna and Los Chicos Altos.
The eleven track strong comp is much influenced by classic dub music mixed with global bass styles and modern EDM.

Free Download:

NewYears Compilation (dropbox)


and before someone asks: no there isn’t a track nr. seven ;)

Facebook: UrbanWorld Records

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Top of the Trops – Best of Tropical Bass 2012

Posted on 31 December 2012 by Jelka

maya13 300x225 Top of the Trops   Best of Tropical Bass 2012

We made it! 2012 is almost over, so we spent another year spend with awesome bass music from all around the globe (our third already, unbelievable). can be considered as a household-name in a certain global music scene, with a familial group of die-hard enthusiasts splattered all over the globe at the core, while at the same time tropical club sounds became de rigueur blueprints for mainstream pop music. Let’s hope that this global exposure will lead more and more people to an interest in very local music scenes – future enthusiasts in the best case.
Then our blog got a sibling finally – we started to release stuff on our own TropicalBass label! Expect a lot to come in 2013 from this. And we got recognized by important media outlets Spiegel Online and The Guardian – we think we will become famous and rich in 2013.

Looking back on my quite long review in 2011 regarding a couple of genres from Kuduro to Tribal Guarachero to Moombahton, the musical evolution in 2012 help me shorten things: Now everything is EDM (from a US-point of view). Oh well, and then there is Trap.
At least the world as we know it didn’t end.

Thank you all for the steady support – shout outs to every reader, every producer, every live-act, DJ and interview-partner, all the labels and fellow bloggers pushing the good stuff. We love you all! Time again for the inevitable Best-of-2012-list that you all were waiting for.

Top Albums/EPs:
MKC – Caribbean Swagga
Sonodo Desconocido – Trópico Quasar
Maga Bo – Quilombo de Futuro
Cumba Mela – Remix Ep 1
Sonikgroove ft. Prince Osito – Better dan dem Remix EP
Kumbia Queers – Pecados Tropicales
So Shifty ft. Madera Limpia – Rumba EP
Sonido Guay Neñe – Copla Colectiva Digital
Suelta la voz – Copia Doble Systema
Chico Trujillo – Gran Pecador
Palenke Soultribe – Makako EP
Tropikore – Guarapo EP
Frikstailers – Guacha EP
Subatomic Soundsystem ft. Anthony B – Dem Cant stop we from Talkin EP

Top Labels:
Latino Resiste
Root a Pacifica
Cuero Digital
Moombah Pacifica
KONN Recordings
Dr Dragao’s Lab
DJ Subversiovo Caminos del Fuego
Cumbiasound -Calzones Lagos EP
Kuto Selektah Quilla – Kontra todo Autoridad EP

Top Artists:
Chong X

Top Videos:
Moviembre (Boogat / G-Flux)
Major Lazer ft. Amber Coffman – Get Free
Skrillex & Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley – Make It Bun Dem
Hector Guerra – What Up?
Sergent Garcia – Calentura Mi Son (feat. Zalama Crew)

Top Bonus:
Mixtapes from King Kong Disco, Ohrwo. Lady Chann, Pedrolito and Movimientos
Book and Music: Sounds and Colors – Colombia
Andrés Digital – Messages from outta Space (KONN) and Aventuras Colombianas (Rebel Rec.)
Top Tunes:
Carnnibal – Which Crime mi a talk
Major Lazer – Original Don ( Flosstradamus rmx)
Yellow Claw – Krokobil
Ezequiel – Gurr Swag
Freaky Phillip – Raices
Explosion Negra – Bailalo Pues ( Banginclude Remix)
Flosstradamus – Roll up (Bauuer Remix)
Skrillex & Damian Marley – Bum dem (Dreadsquad Remix)
Edu K feat Blanquito Man – Favela dubstylin’ (caballo edit)
Pocz & Pacheko (feat. Dj Yirvin) – Muevelo
Bonus: Flosstradamus – Roll up (CHONG X rmx)
Top Albums/EPs:
Schlachthofbronx – Dirty Dancing
So Shifty ft. Madera Limpia – Rumba EP
Copia Doble Systema – Suelta la Voz EP
Angel Haze – Reservation EP
The Very Best – MTMTMK Album
Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe
Matanza – Dubamerica

Top Tunes:
Schlachthofbronx – Apizaco
J Alvarez – Junto al amanecer (So Shifty Dembow edit)
Burna Boy – Tonight (Murlo Refix)
DJ Sbu feat Zahara – Lengoma (Murlo Remix)
Rihanna – Diamonds (Jerome LOL Edit)
The Dream – Walking on the moon (Grahmzilla Remix)
Chief Keef – Don’t like
Miguel – Adorn (Sammy Bananas Bootleg)
Papa Wemba – Yolele (Mad Mation Refix)
DJ Comrade – Mulherada Trap
Wine-O – Pop my Trunk (Dubble Dutch Edit)
Joao Brasil & Moroka – Elephant & Castle

Top Videos:
Iski feat. Basic One – Gelatin
Schlachthofbronx feat. DJ Assault – Everyday of the Week
Major Lazer ft. Amber Coffman – Get Free
M.I.A. – Bad Girls
Banda UÓ – Faz UÓ
Otto von Schirach – Salpica
Top Albums/EPs:
Mash Up International ft. VA – Lava Cabeza EP
Sarkodie – Rapperholic
Bonde do Rolê – Tropicalbacanal
The Very Best – MTMTMK Album
Gato Preto – Era De Gato Preto
Débruit – From The Horizon
MKC – Caribbean Swagga
The Peas Project – Power & Romance
Cholita Sound – Ponte Free
Skip & Die – Riots in the Jungle

Top Tunes:
Tommy Lee – Tom & Jerry (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix)
KiT – Jackhammer
gLAdiator ft. FERAL is KINKY – Bitch Slap Geek Boy Remix
Fellow vs. Basic One – Walky Walky
A-Trak & Zinc ft. Natalie Storm – Like The Dancefloor
El Freaky ft Empire Isis Ras Jahonan Benny B – La pongo
Ackeejuice Rockers – Dancehall Scheme
Famous Eno – All Good FM
Gato Preto ft. MC Zulu – Musica Di Gato Preto (2irie & Tropikore

2irie & Chong X – Moombahtrain (Shanty town refix)

Top Videos:
Wax Wreckaz feat. Etzia – Bubble & Wine Up
Elo ft. FOKN Bois – My Everywhere
MC Gi – México Caliente
Deize Tigrona ft. Jaloo – Prostituto
The Very Best – Yoshua Alikuti
Gato Preto – Tschukudu
Balkan Beat Box (BBB) – Part Of The Glory
PROFIT ft. Lee Scratch Perry & Warrior Queen – Two Edged Sword
Dazed Dog ft. Mystic Dan – Moombahwine
Banda UÓ – Faz UÓ
Top Albums:
DJ Malvado – From Africa to the world
Edmond Mondésir – Emosion Bele
Raggasonic – Raggasonic 3
TropicalBass Vol1 – Funky Edition

Top Tunes:
Blood – Go
So Shifty feat Madera Limpia – Rumba (Edu K Remix)
Benjai – A.T.A.O Engoma (Magaroze Riddim)
Antilles Riddim (Precision Productions)
DJ Sbu feat Zahara – Lengoma (Murlo Remix)
El Dusty – K le Pasa (Alvaro Remix / So Shifty Remix)
Partysquad – Go down low (Neki stranac remix)
Stylo G – Call me a yardie (Sonora Remix)

Top Videos:
Sister Deborah – Uncle Obama (feat. Fokn Bois)
Vanilla – Rage
Iski feat. Basic One – Gelatin
Awadi – Ma revolution
Puto Portugues feat. Nelo Paim – De Maria pra Meury

  1. Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire
  2. Skrillex – Bangarang
  3. Yellow Claw feat. Siaak & Mr Poska – Krokobil
  4. PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일)
  5. Nicki minaj – Pound the alarm
  6. Diplo – Express Yourself EP
  7. Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem Remixes EP
  8. D’banj – Oliver Twist
  9. Cypress X Rusko – Roll It Light It
  10. TropicalBass Vol. 1 – The Funky Edition

This list might surprise many of you – but all the names from the mainstream business like Skrillex, D’Banj and Damian Marley in our Top 10 have a simple reason: Our most important source of users is google by far – almost 5 times of people who go to directly or from facebook. The same Top 10 for direct or frequent visitors looks totally different and represents more “us”.
Regarding that fact, the next list of search terms is no surprise:

People came from search engines with these search terms

  1. tropical bass / tropicalbass
  2. die antwoord
  3. skrillex bangarang
  4. goldielocks wasteman ddl
  5. seeed

Most popular tags:

  1. Moombahton and Moombahcore
  2. Cumbia
  3. Dancehall
  4. Kuduro
  5. UK Funky

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Watcha Clan- We Are One (Mc Sufferah Remix)

Posted on 10 October 2012 by Caballo

0312 300x297 Watcha Clan  We Are One (Mc Sufferah Remix)
Sometime ago, Watcha Clan was in the search of trendsetters to remix their song We are one!!!
Finally the wait is over!!
First Singles from the whole pack!!
We Are One (Mc Sufferah Remix) by Watcha Clan
Remixes including some of the best globalbeaters like Maga Bo, Transglobal Underground,
Shazalakazoo, Dr Das, Hijo de la Cumbia, and many more…

The New ep “We Are One remixes” will be out on 22nd oct via Piranha Musik–
Includes remixes by 4hero (Uk), Hugo Kant (Fr) and the winners of the remix contest, Danochilango (Mex), Superpendejos (Sp) and Mc Sufferah (De).

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 23

Posted on 15 July 2012 by Andrés

Okok, I know, some of you missed this Round Up last week. I’m late sorry !! But here it is, here comes Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up on This is Round 23. You ready for the Lucha ? Again I have 5 fine remixed Cumbias with lots of Bass for you. We’re starting in Mexico over to España and back to Argentina. Wicked Music, que vive la Cuuuuuumbia !!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

Cumbia No 1 – Albert Dj – Loquito Por Ti
Alberto Alquicira Dominguez is Albert DJ, comes from Mexico DF and loves to remix Cumbiaclassics. This one gives a good drive to Armando Hernandez beautiful Cumbia Loquito por ti.

Cumbia No 2 – Polymiller ft. Ali Gua Gua – No mas sangrekumbiaqueer 300x180 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 23
Ali Gardoqui aka Ali Gua Gua was born in Veracruz and lives between Mexico DF and Buenos Aires. She’s part of the Tropical Punk Project Kumbia Queers and runs more projects (Garage Rock with the ULTRASONICAS, Electrocumbia with AFRODYKE) DJ GUAGUIS is the alter ego as Selector.

SoundcloudFacebookPolymiller Soundcloud

Cumbia No 3 – Nava Show – La Guacharaquera (Sebby Frescoe bootleg)
sebby 239x300 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 23Sebby Frescoe grew up in Santa Fe and lives in Santa Cruz. He started in 2002 making Dubstep. In the spirit of a continued evolution of style he begun a series featuring versions and edits of some popular cumbia throughout Latin America.These bootleg versions fuse cumbia and bass music producing quite a unique and interesting combination.


Cumbia No 4 – Superpendejos – El Macho Pendejo (La Sintonia Es Total)
The Superpendejos universe is full of colors, sonic landscapes, deep emotion, love, and awareness activism, it’s a way of life that creates a unique style of music. Made with love, spiced up with bass for maximum dancing pleasure add to that a tropical twist and some bouncing beats and you have it. Al Lindrum & David Miret take digital cumbia into new territories adding a deephouse feeling to the phychedelic sounds of cumbia. They released a Must-Have Ep “Ya Sta Qi” on Urban World Records


tuguaina 225x300 Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 23

Cumbia No 5 – Tu Guaina – Cabeleraaa!
Tu Guaina (Argentina) is a multicreative Artist. He is Vj, he makes Art and Illustration with Exhibitons in various gallerys. He does Film and Photography and he produces Cumbiastep Bangers. He has a EP out on Caballito.



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Silver Bullit – Koloko EP

Posted on 14 April 2012 by Caballo

P210312 11.58 300x300 Silver Bullit   Koloko EP

Silver Bullit is three guys from Copenhagen (Mads Michelsen, Kristoffer Sjelberg and Daniel Plon), whose composing and producing music inspired from Black American, African and Caribbean genres. They are recreating these styles with a new sound – their driving force being the beat and grooves. Being two drummers and a rhythm guitarist, they have a strong background as jam-session players, so when the three of them decided to unite of their forces, the goal was clear: everything is gonna be funky from now on. Silver Bullit seeks out special and talented singers and MCs to match their funky groove, covering genres like soca, merenque, afrobeat, kwaito, funk, funk and more funk.

UrbanWorld is proud to present the first EP with Silver Bullit. The title track, ‘Koloko’, with King Ayisoba on the vocal is a an afrobeat inspired track with a very powerfull vocal. First remix is a strong powerful kuduru-like remix by no other than The Very Best featuring additional vocals by African Boy. For the second remix, straight for the clubs, UrbanWorld’s own Thykier fuses African and 3ball rhythms in a strong club ready remix. The second track, ‘Me Gusto’, is a a latin funk tune featuring Carlos Perez on the vocal and a beat with serious dance floor potential. It is backed up by a super funky remix by DJ Panko, who is well-known as part of the Spanish group, Ojos De Brujo. Rounding up the EP is ‘The Meter’ – a soca and dancehall inspired track with vocals by Fantabis and Shaka Loveless, and remixed by Barcelona up-comers, Superpendejos.

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