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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 37 – The Madness continues

Posted on 15 September 2013 by Andrés

Hello !! Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No 37 and the madness seems to get normal…this time I have 24 Cumbiabased Tunes (produced or just found in the last month) brought together in a tight mix. So lay back…sorry stand up or better jumpup and move your hips. And dont forget to turn in the Bass…run it my selectah !!

Also big thanx to Farah Sosa from the Subsuelo Crew for the Cover Foto and the Subsuelo Foto (that one with the Turntables) If you’re interested in more of this beautifull pix go over to this Blog

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Download – Right Click

1 – Manicumbi – Umoja
Umoya from Amsterdam has a cool relaxed EP out. The quintessential sunshine duo from wet fields of the Netherlands, returns with a deep, dark and dubby rendition. As a follow up to the 70’s west African Funk and Afrobeat influenced Je-Ka-Lo!, Vuelo Nocturno sets out to be a reassuring statement of the duo’s production wizardry. With this record, the duo have managed to synthesis Cumbia and Afrocentric music traditions into a cohesive body of work. You could load the “Vuelo Nocturno EP” via their Bandcamp.

piper street sound2 – Funky Clarkston (Piper Street Sound Remix)
Dialect Trios mastermind Matt Mansfield from Clarkstone, US has made a remix EP of the last Album “Elements of Style” coming with Global Bass remixes by NICE☆J, Damo Naimad, El Güero Único, Ale.Cassis, Rafael Aragon and Dany F

3 – El Viejo Baúl – Subsuelo
The Subsuelo Crew from Los Angeles mixing up Global Bass with Flamenco and Cumbia. This combination fits perfect and their Sound is very cool !!
4 – Afuera – Barrio Lindo
Agustin Rivaldo from Buenos Aires comes with an relaxed prehispanic electronic Latino Sound that will make you dream and dance the night away. This comes from his EP “Libres” wich you could download via his Soundcloud

5 – Loving Vengeance – Oye Simpson
Oye Simpson comes from San Diego, US and has an EP out via Folcore. You could download the Muvavi EP for free here.

6 – La Cumbia del Amor Perido (Andrés Digital Mash Up) ft. Amy Winehouse, Ian Curtis, Shaggy, Rayvon, Busy Signal and Volfoniq
Here comes another one from my forthcoming EP “AD inna Reggae Cumbia Style Vol. II” on Volfoniqs Drum Song Riddim in Cumbia Dub Villera Style.

7 – Hello [Remix] – Calle Tierra Sound System
From Mendoza, Argentina comes the Calle Tierra Soundsystem and says Hello

ana tijoux8 – Entre Rejas – Ana Tijoux and Quantic
Who is not in love with Anita Tijoux ? A beautifull Voice, intellegent Lyrics and a cool Lady together with Colombias finest Quantic.

9 – Negra y Soberbia (Stereo Revuelta Remix)
Sean Selecta aka. Stereo Revuelta from Puebla, Mexico is giving some Bass to this classic Cumbia Edit

10 – The real slim shady [Remix] Calle Tierra Sound System
Would you please stand up and move your hips. Eminem goes Cumbia here.

11 – Rasta Cumbia
Here comes another one of this untitled Soundfiles. I think this must be a Petardo Peru Remix. But I’m not really shure.

kuto12 – Whitout People We Are Nada – Kuto Quilla Selectah
The Peruvian Hamburgo remixing some Clash Stuff. Great !!

13 – Melcocha (Relo SpaceCumbia Remix) – Tropikore
Tropikore from Venezulea has a new EP “Melcocha” via Le Ronca Records. This comes with lots of cool Remixes by P18, Pa Kongal, El Timbe and more. I play the Relo Space Cumbia Remix.

14 – America (Uproot Andy RMX) – Mulatu Astatke vs. K’naan ft. Mos Def
Here comes another one from Brooklyns finest Uproot Andy. This comes from the EP “Worldwide Ting Vol. 2”

cocotaxi15 – Sueños de Marimba (Joelito & Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Cocotaxi
Cocotaxi come from Stockholm, Sweden and has a new EP out called “Sueños de Marimba” where you get remixes from Joelito and Copia Doble, Isa GT, Bumps and more

16 – Nerd Power (Bumps’ Chic 2 Geek Mix)
I think that this is the first time I hear Sean Casey aka the Bumps, Mastermind of the fabulous Club Popuzada in Cumbia Style. This is good !!

17 – El Mirlaso – Yelram Selectah
Entering the Ruidoson Section, welcome to Tijuna. Antonio Apodaca better known as Yelram Selectah belongs to the new scene of the electronic music in Tijuana and shure he is not new to the Cumbia Round Up.

santos18 – San Cristóbal – Santos
Also not new to the Round Up and also from Tijuana comes Santos

19 – King Cumbia – Oscilador Bass feat. P. William
This is a sound odyssey directed by a robot that came to earth from a place called Cumbia. El Oscilador is Mastermind of “Latin Bass Mexico” wich have just released a massive Album (more then 60 Tunes) with Cumbia related Music wich you could load here.

20 – Calle infierno – Caballo & Pernett
After massive protests and lots of struggle the Colombian Farmers just found a Peace Agrement with the Government, so everything seems to be good. I really hope that this is realidad in Colombia. Here we have some support from Caballo and Pernett. Also check out the Papa con Yuca Project.

21 – Stay (Andrés Digital Remix) – Zenzile
So I’m finaly out of all Remix Contests. To often I left the battlefield with bad feelings. Not because of I’m not the winner, you know my opinion: “Cumbia is about Unity not about competion”, it’s the chatiechatie that I dont like. And shure this does not mean that I will not use the stems of any contest. Here I remixed Zenzile and I really felt in Love with this beautifull Vocals, so here comes a heavy Cumbiaton Remix.

systema solar22 – La Rana – Systema Solar
El Systema Solar from Taganga, Colombia is working hard on their upcoming second Album wich will be released very soon. So they giving away a teaser.

23 – Tungalala (El Sapo) (Borchi Remix) – Son Palenque
Pablo Borchi is Part of the Beat Buffet from Mexico DF and comes with a cool Champeta Remix from Son Palenque.

24 – A Mover la Colita feat. Paez (Malacates) – basico3 remix – Fidel Funes y su Marimba Orquestra
How I love Marimba (and Steelpan) – For El Basico from Guatemala City there could be always Wednesday and here ends my Sunday Cumbia Round Up for this time but we will meet up again very soon. Chaito queridas Cumberos/as

PS: Meet Andrés Digital in Krefeld, Germany – Global Players Party together with Daferwa – Saturday 05.10.2013 – Schlachthof Krefeld … and I come back to Le Dame del Canton in Paris together with Captain Cumbia and his Mama Cumbia Soundsystem October 15.

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Ruta Panamericana del Sonido: Bass en las Alturas

Posted on 24 May 2013 by Caballo

latino resiste

Ruta Panamericana del Sonido, is back again.
This time we go to the top of the whole continent. Literally, RPS strikes from Bolivia.

The trip which started a-la Che Guevara, is not political oriented, but it does have a very political intention: trying to unveil the Urban Culture and Music from each country “La Panamericana” crosses by.

Ruta Panamericana’s own Caballo & Chong X are joined by Bolivian bassheads Ale Cassis, Dj Quien, Villa Victoria Soundsystem and Oliver Sky.

If Che Guevara died in Bolivia, these rebels are trying to make sure Bolivia doesn’t get behind in the collective mind of the Empire in terms of sounds.

So, join us for this amazing trip.


Now, do not feel or create the perception that this is the only kind of stuff created in that wonderful country,
There are hundreds of great releases that you may find either at OI MAS BASS soundcloud, or the individual SC streams from Bolivian producers.

Having in Mind that Bolivian Music is perhaps one of the lesser known scenes from South America, we needed to make a strong alliance with Oi Mas Bass, who are perhaps the strongest Bass Collective from La Paz.
If Che Guevara died in Bolivia, these rebels are trying to make sure Bolivia doesn’t get behind in the collective mind of the Empire in terms of sounds.
Please, do not believe this country is behind in any sense. They have a very strong bass scene that has been covered about the key players before.

The final result is exactly what the Bolivian Bass scene sounds like. A perfect blend between Andean roots, and Modern Bass. From Digital Cumbia, to Moombahton, to Bashment, or Cumbiathon; Bass en la Alturas is just the perfect example of the modern music played in the under Bolivian Scenes.

Ruta Panamericana del sonido is a project started by Chong X and myself, and on each stop we are joined by local musicians.

This time our Bolivian bassheads are Ale Cassis, Dj Quien, Villa Victoria Soundsystem and Oliver Sky.
Ale Cassis


Chong X decided to go for a brass-cumbia inspired in the Bolivian take of the rhythm

Villa Victoria went for a heavy bass approach

Dj Quien again dropping his 8bitsCumbia

I (Caballo) went for a moombah-Bubbling Bolivian inspired track

Remember you can DL individual tracks or the whole thing as FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD

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Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 3030

Posted on 17 February 2013 by Andrés

Hola Cumbieros/as, so this is a Message from outa Space, this is Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up for no 3030. This means it comes out of a future far far away, the year 2265 and I made my dream reality and bought the last Bar at the end of the Universe. Tonight we have some real Cumbiaheros on Stage – so cool down your drinks and heat up your spliff – hope you will enjoy the Show.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – Right Click

Damo Naimad
Cumbia No 1 – Laurie Anderson – Born, never asked – Damo Naimad Remix
Damo Naimad is a Musican and Producer from Buenos Aires, Argentinia who explores the fusion of House, Cumbia, Trip-Hop and Experimental Rock in a digital realm. Also checkout his EP “El Ritmo del Porro” wich you will find here

Cumbia No 2 – Ale.Cassis – Delicadito (Cawallero de la Cumbia Re-Edit)
Ale.Cassis comes from La Paz, Bolivia and is part of the Oi mi Bass Colectivo wich just released a beautifull Compilation “Travesia Tropical”. You could download the whole Album here

CoyaboyzCumbia No 3 – Coya Boyz – Todos con la Mano en la Pared (ft. Dj Deltatron)
The Coya Boyz coming from Haedo Argentina and you also have to check out their brandnew Album “Haedo Punto de Fuga” wich you could download here This two Boyz are ecletic without Tabu between Electronics and Cumbia.

Cumbia No 4 – Deltatron – Das Candy
Deltatron aka. Paz Ferrand comes from Lima Peru and is Part of Terror Negro Records. Here he is remixing an Electrobanger by Brooke Candy.

Brookes Facebook

orionCumbia No 5 – Lisandro Meza – El Amor (Orion Edit)
Orion Garcia comes from Austin, Texas and like Celia Cruz said he loves to live on that Stage, without it he will die. So he is on his mission and giving Lisandro Mezas El Amor a new dress. Also watchout for his Peligrosa Partys and his “most wanted” Crew.

Finally I’m shure that you dont got enough Cumbia, so listen Movimientos Cal Jader and his lovley Cumbia Special on Londons Radio SOAS – stream it here

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Travesia Tropical Vol 1

Posted on 02 February 2013 by Caballo


Amazing Bolivian Bass compilation from OI MAS BASS collective.
These guys are really putting a high bar in the Bolivian Bass scene, that rarely makes it to the outside world.

Ale Cassis makes an extremely well done use of the Cumbia Bass on his track delicadito

Listen to the whole Trip

And get it for free here

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