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Jon Kwest Presents LIGHTER Moombahton Vs Jungle

Posted on 12 December 2011 by Caballo

Jon Kwest is on FIRE!!
he drops a TWO PART COMPILATION that is sooo sick that doesnt need any preview!!


This is the tracklist!!
01. New Blood – Worries In The Dance (Jon Kwest Rmx)

02. Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi – X Project Rmx (Nate Metro Rmx)

03. Potential Bad Boy Ft MC Det – Rollin’ (Jon Kwest Rmx)

04. DJ SS – The Lighter (DJ Apt One Rmx)

05. Elementz Of Noize – Hit The Deck (Pickster & Jon Kwest Rmx)

06. Brainkillers & Remarc – Press The Buzzer (Xian1 Rmx)

07. Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Jon Kwest Rmx)

08. Q Project – Champion Sound (Xian1 Rmx)

09. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Jon Kwest Rmx)

10. Dillinja- Grimey (Kid Cedek Moombah Break Rmx)

11. Substance – Homeboyz (Jon Kwest Rmx)

12. Doc Scott – Shadowboxing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

13. Digital – Deadline (Ghost Rad Rmx)

14. Roni Size & Dj Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

15. Doc Scott – Far Away (Secret Sauce Rmx)

16. Adam F – Circles (Jon Kwest Rmx)

17. Photek – UF0 (Jon Kwest Rmx)

18. Jonny L – Piper (Jon Kwest Rmx)

19. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (DJ Smiles Rmx)

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  1. Docscott31 Says:


  2. Here Says:

  3. Damian B Says:

    what’s with the corruption of the Dead Kennedys logo btw? I take it they know?

  4. Problem, Officer? Says:

    You can’t stop people creating free bootlegs. Legal representatives? Oooh scary. Once something is on Mediafire, it’s game over. Just get on with your “precious DnB scene” circle-jerk.

    The angry replies on this thread are a good representation of the people that actually like DnB… txtspk, wannabe gangster kiddies. It’s sad really.

  5. Of course Says:

    This made me laugh. You are quite clearly a very ignorant individual or just a massive bellend. innit mate loljk u fink u iz soooo clevar. 

    Considering most people who were about when Doc Scott’s tunes were being released are in their 30’s id say that yes, they are definitely ‘ wannabe gangster kiddies’. 

  6. Of course Says:

    And one more thing……Doc Scott has savagely over reacted. Who cares if some tosser has made a shit remix? the people that have any shred of taste will know it’s bollocks anyway.

    By crying about it all he has done is give these musically illiterate losers loads of attention

  7. Henydee Says:

    Man you’ve got a stressful life ahead of you If this upsets you that
    much.  I’m sorry to say, but things are changing, and fast.  You really
    are a great producer and knowledgeable people recognize that, but look
    around you. 

    Bootlegs/edits/mashups/etc. are the norm and that’s
    one of the reasons music is progressing (or ‘changing’) so quickly
    these days. 

    With all due respect I suggest you pick your battles before you start loosing fans. Don’t be a douche bag, please

  8. i-love-moomba-hater Says:

    lmao hahahah like DnB or DubStep didn’t start out of sampling and remixing, YOU ALL just A BUNCH OF BIG HYPOCRITES and Moombah Haters!

  9. Gsghs Says:

     you’re a fuckin bellend doc scott, hypocrit

  10. lame Says:

    Washed up attention seeker, a drama queen. From your childishness on radio to bullshit on DOA and twitter, It’s about time you acted your age and faded away. Go spend some time with your grandkids, get a real fucking job. ah that’s right you can’t because you’re not qualified to do anything but troll the internet talking shit. Leave the scene like you keep claiming to do. go fuck off and write techno, You’ll never make it in the techno scene anyway, those guys who let everyone download their tracks for free on soundcloud will be better than you will ever be. Look up the word “folly” and learn something. You should think before you make stupid comments like these because what goes around comes around fool. You might find yourself in court fighting a class action against all the people you rip off

  11. sillywaytomarketsomething Says:

    you really arent docscott. sort it out kiddo and stop dragging someones name thru the shit…aint no more shit gonna stick to doc he’s already some kinda gimp faced ripoff cuntbag

  12. Limes Says:

    Don’t fuck with the doctor.

  13. Robertarnsby Says:

    Tracklisting is outrageous, how can u think you can get away with it, u got some nerve! 

  14. Jscience Says:

    Epic Fail ………

  15. Michigan23 Says:

    oh chill out. it’s the fucking internet. people have been doing bootlegs for years, he’s not selling the tracks for fuck sake.

  16. Here Says:

    Michigan ur a Prick! Yes its the internet but this guy has taken sum classic jungle/D&B and turned it into utter wank

  17. Michigan23 Says:

    oh right, so when d&b artists like these guys lifted samples from old soul and hip hop records to make white labels to put out without permission from the artist they sampled, it was different? OH SNAP YEAH HE WENT THERE fuck you.

    just remember what jungle and d&b is based around. a stolen fucking drum break. it’s the circle of life my friends.

  18. 1992 Says:

    You and your crew really are demented to even think that it’s acceptable to remix those tracks, the way you have – with total disrespect to the artists and the scene. If there was a small ammount of originality between you then you wouldnt have to rip tracks like this to get attention. How do you lot say it, go fiiigure??

  19. Michigan23 Says:

    no, that’s just a name. i’m from the UK and i actually go to D&B nights regularly. i’ve never met ‘jon kwest’ and don’t really care for moombahton. i just hate the high and mighty attitude of some drum and bass producers, thinking they’re the chosen ones of electronic music. 

  20. Richtercomment Says:

    but its their music thats being pissed on here…

  21. Scotty_t86 Says:

    impending legal action

  22. Tony Says:

    Mr ‘Kwest’ you are a total idiot. A moron. Take this pathetic excuse of a compilation down or live to regret it. Your are insulting every single artist you have illegally remixed on here. Take it down, then contact each artist concerned and politely ask their permission. One or two may even say yes. Seriously, you need to rethink your approach. You have upset a lot of my friends with this. Tony Colman aka London Elektricity. 

  23. Knock Off Nigel Says:


  24. Gtech Says:

    It’s not as if they are decent remixes….Dont fuck with the Big Boys!!

  25. Guest121 Says:

    Remixing those old school tunes is the biggest crime someone can commit.

  26. The bringer of aids Says:

    Your mum will die of aids.

  27. Terrible Terrence Says:

    No Respect

  28. Alex Sharatskiy Says:

    Why are you so stupid to do things like this shity remixes???

  29. matt Says:

    Pretty out of order tbh Jonnie! Have a bit of respect hey!

  30. Smallsheep3 Says:

    I did a fart. 

    Your remixes are of poor quality.

  31. Henry Says:

    Well done. You’ve officially destroyed shadowboxing. Idiot.

  32. Lone Rider Says:

    Taking the piss Terrence strikes again!

  33. Soultec. Says:

    Bit out of order doing this without permission. Also they are pretty crap remixes of absolute classics.

  34. Richtercomment Says:

    what worries me is that he won’t really give a fuck about what we all think…

  35. Soultec. Says:

    Also your cover art is a crime against design. Take that down whilst you’re at it.

  36. StrictlyAngle Says:

    Mumbahtone is for damned pussies! You have no rights to remake Classic Jungle Tunes in such a shitty style! Delete this and change your nick name!!!

  37. Mighty Says:

    #junglememories got everyone in a hooligan state of mind ;)

  38. Anonymous Says:

    the quality of the remixes is irrelevant. total lack of respect that harms every real artist involved. only one way to get out alive, which is to take down every track, apologize to all artists and next time ask first.

  39. Shakk_d Says:

    Bunch of jokers thinkin u can rip off peoples beats without askin then put ur shit remixes out for free. U deserve whats comin to u!

  40. fubgakdfgb Says:

    makin a mockery martin

  41. Tinofspam Says:

    You muppet.

  42. yellowNgreen Says:

    just like a cheap fake rolex from thailand, only shitter!
    bad form!!

  43. JIM Says:


  44. bier Says:

    no respect…

  45. Damian B Says:

    I take it this was done solely as ‘Moombahton’ was tipped in some media circles as ‘the next big thing’ ie solely for glory seeking/internet kudos?

    (ps ‘doesnt need any preview’ lol. They just couldn’t be arsed to write anything as it’s so dry… )

  46. Doh Says:

    Jeez…. this is why people stopped listening to d’n’b  –  because all you ‘old school crew’ are massive hippocrits, up your own asses about sampling other tunes when that’s where half of your classics came from!  Jon Kwest is one of the moombah pioneers and has been opening it up for a lot of us.   I  listen to d’n’b and love those tunes but also love bootlegs and different dance music genres, including moombahton/moombahcore… it isn’t like he’s making any money and if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it! There ya go… Just stop with the elitist drum’n’bass champagne and cocaine culture…. I really hope this is a troll winding it up…

  47. TITSAREUS Says:



  48. FluxTrax Says:

    Yes that’s the whole point. These are remixes/re-interpretations of DnB classics. Though I don’t think all of them were that well executed I think it’s an awesome idea. Think about it, isn’t tunes like “Deadly Deep Subs” by Dilinja just a DnB remix of “Just another chance” by Kevin “Reese” Saunderson? Have people forgotten about people like Shut up and Dance? 

  49. Inst4nt Says:

    Why?  Get some credibility and make your own music, or at least ask before you steal someone elses.

  50. The Warden Says:

    You’re going to go to prison now because of this. Maybe you’ll learn some respect inside. One can only hope.

  51. anon Says:

    A few things,

    I understand how annoying this can be, but:
    When it was originally asked to be taken down it was 3am in Kansas (where this guy is from) and he’s probably going to wake up to a barrage of hate.A direct message would have been suitable to get it taken down, now all the attention has more than doubled the amount of downloads made of the original (on soundcloud) giving a higher chance of it being shared in the future.

  52. crunk Says:

    he’s definitely not from Kansas and all these fools look like a bunch of 12 year old schoolgirls pissing in their pants because DnB isn’t relevant anymore. get over yourselves and your shitty music.

  53. Bob Says:

    sacrilege =(

  54. Moombahtonisshit Says:

    well done rodney

  55. Theoryz Says:

    Someones gonna be biting a pillow on D-wing very soon me thinx… Enjoy bein bummed ropeyrippoffs

  56. Olatuktuk Says:

    Why all negativity in cosmos, here nigeria in bank where we send email telling you sole benifitor of £10 million dollar we like a lot this mix tape….  mmm tuk tuk… yes we like very much and play long time, alongside george michael greatest hits. oh yes yes, we dance and smile and send email all day to this wonderful mix tape.

    from now on accompanying email, we send link to this with happy news that not only you sole benefactor of $10 million but also here is free Moombahon vs Jungle mix tape tuk tuk yes. very happy customer all smiling now in nigeria. 

    tHAnk you Jon Kwest for your wonderful remix compilation wasabe, and for not contacting anyone at all, and for stealing artwork, and for releasing free. truly you are wonderful musician and all hard work artist put in and money doesn’t matter to us here in our office. we send email all day and dance dance dance to your mix tape… mmm tuk tuk yes. 

    now we share this with all people in world for free.


  57. Jbgujhg Says:


  58. Oss Says:

    Not listened but really can’t see how you are going to do any of them tracks justice by remixing them. Shame, Oldskool/Dnb etc used to be forward thinking andabout fresh ideas, hunting out samples and then surprising people with them; not glory hunting on the back of someone else’s creations. Must be quite sad to have no ideas of creativity of your own. Thankfully there are still creative minds out there evolving the music.

  59. This is how it is these days Says:

    its every legend’s right to beat on the new kids and it’s every new kid’s right to not give a shit and carry on doing their thing.

  60. Rtah Says:

    what new kids?!/brent_tactic/status/146572420218757121

    “been at it for a decade”

  61. This is how it should be Says:

    Big deal man. A decade? thats nothing, who hasn’t been at it for a decade? every man and their dog after 2000 called themselves a dj or a ‘producer’ (bloke with a laptop) doing crap rinse remixes by sticking a new beat over a chunk of someone else’s tune in the name of a new genre. That’s a new kid as far as i’m concerned. Scottie wrote the book, he’s the original and has been doing his thing for near on 25 years now. Back when he started, there were no superstar djs and electronic clubnights, people like him helped build this scene and all that’s come after it. He demands some serious respect from us all. New school producers need to really learn up (like all DJs used to do) about the roots of the sound they are using, if they give a shit that is, many wont. Some one above talked about drum and bass artists sampling hip hop but at least the original drum&bass/jungle heads knew what they were sampling. They lived through hip hop and its culture when they were kids, bought the records, wore the clothes, walked the walk. They knew how to bring something new to the table from hip hop. Moonban-whatever rinse of shadow boxing? .. do we really need that?

  62. KennyHasTattoos Says:

    Remember when the Fugees went after DJ Hype for remixing ‘Ready or Not’? No??? Oh, that’s because it didn’t happen. Jesus, this really makes me feel bad that I come from this scene…maybe I’ve been listening to way too much house over the last 5 years since Drum & Bass fizzled out into nothing…but, where is the love?

  63. Triggerfinger Says:

    Sure dude, but that was a rinse of a huge pop record, not an underground artist raping a tune – sorry make that 19 tunes, by other underground artists. I reckon in the long run Wyclef would have soaked up the kudos from that remix, did you know The Fugees also released an album of bootlegged versions of their songs? The Playaz knew what they were doing and they knew what tracks to touch. There’s another lesson for the kids… choose wisely.

  64. rax Says:


  65. Docscott31 Says:


  66. Musico Says:


  67. General_Levy Says:

    Why did you not fucking remix me???? too commercial for you hipsters am I? Fuckin moon music, just who do you people think you are.

  68. Santo Says:

    your gettin remixed general, dont panic !! love your style !

  69. GetOverYourself Says:

    DnB as a genre was founded on theft.  That is completely undeniable.  Whether you like these remixes or not, Doc Scotts behaviour just shows what a complete out of touch cunt he truly is, and all the little fanboys chiming in are even worse.  You haven’t been relevant for YEARS Doc.  Were you not just threatening to quit DnB?  You should should be thrilled that people under 35 are even still interested in your music.  This was done as a tribute, and while I don’t even like moombahton, I managed to grab the compilation before it was removed and I have to say most of them were done in a very tasteful way.  Which is a lot more than I can say about your reaction.

  70. GetOverYourself Says:

    btw if I send you my 12 of shadow boxing could you sign it, You really are my fav dnb producer of all TIME


  71. Musico Says:

    why is the compilation not available anymore? Really? after all the shit talking you guys are gonna take it down? wouldn’t it be easier to just take down docscott’s tracks off than the whole thing?

  72. GetOverYourself Says:

  73. GetOverYourself Says:

    Links to the comp

  74. Sonda C Says:

    Aloha to all my fellow Moombahton Comrades, Amigos & Amigas!

    First off Eye would like to send a HUGE shoutout to DJ Melo, who hails
    from my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Siriusly you did an amazing job on
    the “Winter of Moombahton” and Eye think that we can all say how stoked
    we are that this “moombah” institution is continuing to go strong
    today. In fact, Eye am listening to it right now. For everyone who would
    like to check it out … here is the link to download:

    DJ Melo Presents … The Winter of Moombahton

    The EP was also featured on Generation Bass, Tropical Bass & Mad Decent’s Blogs this weekend:

    Secondly, lets give a round of applause for the innovators who originally channeled the energy that is Moombahton:

    Dave Nada – with the original EP release of “Moombahton” in early spring 2010—moombahton/

    Munchi – debut of the “seasonal” moombahton EPs and originator of Moombahcore – Moombahton’s hard dubsteppin’ cousin

    ***by the way – love the art on this album so much, the lil’ moombah
    spirit dude is trippppy – is this a symbol for anything or just cool art
    in the moment? (obviously the flag but otherwise)

    this was my first exposure to moombahton in July 2010 – and Eye took my
    new found moombahton playlist to Burning Man & Powellapalooza
    Festivals to great success, rave reviews (no pun intended lol) and crazy
    parties during my sets

    David Heartbreak – the continuation of the seasonal moombahton EPs with
    “Fall of Moombahton” which was a bit harder, including a slew of really
    cool original tracks and collabs

    This is what made moombahton solid in my book, because by this time in
    September/October, the amount of tracks doubled almost overnight

    There are also cool related genres that Eye would like to point out –
    these can make a moombahton set pop with some extra variety and tempo

    DJ Orion, Pagame & Cauze One – innovators of Boombahchero, and DJ Melo has a couple of these bangerz too

    There is also Baile Funk, Tribal Guarachero, Kuduro, 3ball, barefoot, and more latin/african percussive-related genres

    Also would like to say that these styles also go VERY WELL with hip hop
    hyphy tribal-eqsue Electro, Drumstep and Dubstep – but Eye am sure you
    already know that … here is one of my big influences’ new EP:


    And to everyone involved in this style – big ups! Eye truly believe that
    moombahton is taking over as we speak, which is what Eye wanted to talk
    to y’all about more in depth.

    Heartbreak had mentioned to me that there should be a new name of this
    genre, and Eye said that moombahton was cool in my book … but Eye
    definitely have a suggestion: Why don’t we start a whole new HUGE-genre
    of music that includes everything Eye just mentioned – pretty much all
    the underground styles of dance music right now. All these genres have a
    tribal-esque edge to them. In my mind these styles are coming into
    collective consciousness right now as a pseudo-psychic revolution – we
    are remembering who we are, we are remembering our tribal past-lives, we
    are remembering our roots in the stars (which explains the trippyness
    of the music). This music defines our revolt of modern day society. We
    know that materialization and industrialization is all bullshit. We want
    to be free, we want sustainability, we want to be wild again. Thats why
    Eye suggest that we call this new huge genre “WILDSTYLE” – to compete
    on a level of all EDM/Rock n Roll/Rap, etc – this is the new evolution
    of music. This is the music of the people.


    – Moombahton

    – Moombahcore

    – Boombahchero

    – Baile Funk

    – Tribal Guarachero

    – Kuduro

    – 3ball

    – Barefoot

    – Shpongle-esque Psy-trance

    – Tribal-like dubstep (not the robot stuff – although good, not really enlightening)

    – Tribal-like drumstep/dnb (not the robot stuff)

    – Tribal house

    – etc etc

    So this letter is my formal request to all of you that we should work
    together. Lets organize this genre into a MOVEMENT! One that is similar
    to the late 60s of the hippies …. but this time we do it on our own
    updated 21st century terms – like hyphy hippies … HYPPY.

    Our music is the defining music of this generation – where we actively
    progress our society and evolve humanity into a better civilization that
    is more connected with nature then ever before. Where there is organic
    food, pure water, and luxurious shelters and materials for all people.
    Where there is freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of
    speech, and freedom from tyranny, freedom from war – peace and happiness
    in all senses. Lets build paradise. Our music is the soundtrack to this
    paradise. We have an opportunity unlike any other – a movement that
    builds with knowledge already intact as opposed to a revolution of
    finding new knowledge.

    Eye want to make it clear that this is VERY possible. We have all the
    technology we need right now to be sustainable and provide for everyone.
    And after the initial society update – the population will balance
    itself out naturally. There is technology for free cosmic energy
    machines designed by Nicola Tesla. There is technology to design
    vertical agriculture to sustain all humans. All this technology has been
    suppressed by those in power because they want to remain in power. A
    knowledgeable and independent population is the best defense against
    this money-induced slavery. There is rampant amounts of technology for
    everything sustainable you could imagine, and then there is hemp.

    The cannabis hemp plant has notoriously been misunderstood in the last
    century due to its sometimes illegal cousin plant – cannabis marijuana.
    Let me make this clear – they are not the same plant, although very
    similar. The thing that separates them is one has THC which can get you
    “high” – the marijuana. The industrial hemp does not have any THC
    content and cannot get you high. However, let me also be clear in this
    fact: Marijuana is illegal because of the Hemp, not because of the drug.
    The drug part just makes it easy for people to accept that this plant
    should be illegal. Hemp is the most beneficial plant in the world for
    humanity. Many of you may already know this, but if not do your
    research. Information is widely available. Hemp plants can be profitable
    in every industry in the world. This includes fuel, paper, fiber,
    textiles, foods, plastics (stronger than steel), concrete, and much
    more. Hemp can be made into over 25,000 different products minimum. In
    addition to this, a gentleman by the name of Rick Simpson has found a
    cure for cancer using the marijuana version, as an oil and not smoked.
    This oil has been proven to cure all kinds of diseases, including cancer
    in less than a week’s time. So after realizing these facts, one can
    understand that a plant that everyone can easily grow in our backyards
    or even inside (did Eye mention its a weed? lol) – that this specific
    plant, cannabis hemp is the KEY to our FREEDOM. If we can grow our own
    fuel, paper, plastic, medicine, food and more in our own backyards
    sustainably, nobody can control the people anymore. No wonder they have
    made it illegal, constantly try to deny its value and even run smear
    campaigns against a plant that grows on Earth naturally.

    Lets help people achieve their own salvation. We do what we love to do –
    make music. Wouldn’t it be great if our music inspired other people to
    do what they wanted to do? Well the time has come for us to act. These
    are the causes we need to support and tell people about. The Earth
    literally cannot hold on much longer, not to mention the majority of the
    world is living in complete poverty. We are at the tipping point. Lets
    get the people (the youth) to create such a drastic change in the
    opposite direction that the point tips towards Freedom, sustainability
    and consciousness – as opposed to other situations where Eye don’t want
    to even mention.

    This is what Eye suggest we can do to start, please feel free to add to
    the conversation – no one can do this alone, but together we can become

    – LOCAL EVENTS: This is an international movement, so each of us should
    take the initiative and start a “Wildstyle Tribe” night in each city –
    get creative with the names and days of the different nights – keep it
    fresh for your own locale.

    – TOURING: If there is a “Wildstyle Tribe” night in each city pumping
    out successful events, this creates a sustainable touring route for all
    the artists in our group, when we tour we have places to go. When we
    stay at home to make music, we have events to attend/help produce and be
    productive in our goal.

    – BLOGGING: Lets start our own blog “Wildstyle Tribe”, and we can each
    contribute articles to the blog. I already started one on blogger with
    that name – but Eye definitely need help with this, especially
    graphic/web design. Also already have a “Wildstyle Tribe” soundcloud
    group here:

    WILDSTYLE TRIBE and just purchased

    – RECORD LABEL: Lets start our own record label “Wildstyle Tribe
    Records” where we can showcase our artists and provide support in every
    way possible

    – MANAGEMENT: Start our own management/booking agency called “EYE AM FR3
    Artist Agency” – run by artists for arts. The EYEdea behind this one is
    that all we need photographers, videographers, graphic design, sound
    engineering etc – so this is an agency of artists that help each other
    become successful at their goals. A new kind of management firm. This
    way we can put together a online portfolio on the website from all of
    our artists- and actively seek bookings for everyone

    – CLOTHING LINE: Produce our own wildstyle line of clothes made from
    organic hemp – this is designer fashion, not just your average t-shirt
    company. However, also an outlet for all our artists to create
    promotional merchandise.

    – MUSIC FESTIVALS: We need to actively seek out and book gigs at music
    festivals around the world – this is where the greatest progress can be
    made towards getting the youth movement to embrace our styles of music.
    They already know that the Earth/society is in trouble and are looking
    for ways to get involved to help out.

    – SXSW: Eye already applied to SXSW and should be receiving notice soon –
    but we need to pool our resources together and somehow infiltrate at
    least one or two SXSW showcases. Does anyone have any leads on this?
    Super important to help our presence at music festivals.

    – WMC/Ultra – The same goes for WMC week and the Ultra Music Fest
    Weekend in Miami – also should look towards planning some sort of Spring
    Break getaway in a resort either Mexico, Caribbean or elsewhere …

    – CARNIVALE? – Does anyone have connections to get us some gigs down in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival holidays?

    – SPRING OF WILDSTYLE / the re:BIRTH of MOOMBAHTON – Eye am compiling
    the next seasonal “Spring of Wildstyle / the re:BIRTH of Moombahton EP” –
    this is our genre getting taken to the next level with a new
    compilation of ONLY originals, but not just moombahton, from all genres
    similar – so start cranking out some original tunes for this. Lets make
    this an epic one – can be any number of tracks, hopefully Eye will see
    tracks from everyone for this. FYI This EP is going to be released on
    the spring equinox March 20, 2011 – it is going to include two of my
    original tracks “Equi-Knocks” and “Serpent of Light” – this might be the
    first release of Wildstyle Tribe Records

    – BURNING MAN – Eye would personally like to invite y’all to play my
    Burning Man Festival re:BIRTH Village. We have one of the largest sound
    camps at the festival, and this year we just need more help to bring it
    all together. More details about this later on as Eye make the submittal
    process. Please let me know though who is interested in participating
    on this. And please if you dont know look up and research what Burning
    Man is all about – this is the BEST FESTIVAL in the WORLD!!! No
    exaggerations here – Eye have been to most of the major ones. In 2010
    Eye was bumping Moombahton and everyone was loving it! Lets bring all
    the talent out for 2011!

    Now you might be wondering who the heck is this guy with all these crazy EYEdeas??

    Well my real name is John Adrian Panhuise IV aka John Monsoon aka Lightning EyeZ.

    Eye was born in Phoenix, Arizona in the area of Arcadia on May 1, 1985
    (25 years old) – and was raised Catholic, but soon realized that
    religion is not the same as spirituality. In fact religion is meant to
    keep you away from pondering your own spirituality. Eye have always been
    playing music since very young, and drums are my passion.

    Eye had childhood obesity from overexposure to fast foods, and it sent
    me on a lifelong journey to be the healthiest Eye could be. Eye attended
    “higher education” at Arizona State University where Eye started the
    WakeDevils Wakeboarding Team, and learned how to produce the biggest
    parties possible. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Real Estate
    Development into the worst economy in history decided to pursue music
    full-time. In the process of forming a band, and subsequently breaking
    away from the band, Eye developed a new model for sustainability and the
    music industry that nearly got me funded $26 million from Venture
    Capital companies. This was to utilize the effective economic power of
    the entertainment industry to fund the growing and profitable
    sustainability industry. However, an idiot business partner prevented me
    from achieving the deal, and my business hopes fell away for awhile.
    During this time Eye rediscovered myself, and began attending festivals
    and raves all over the world on my educational fund money that Eye saved
    due to a full-ride university scholarship. This is what gave birth to
    my “Lightning EyeZ” persona, and Eye began producing my own music.

    Recently Eye moved to Denver, Colorado to film the upcoming TV show
    EYEZONDENVER, because the music scene here is one of the best in the
    nation. In addition, we are filming EYEZONMIAMI, and EYEZONVEGAS amongst
    other cities within the next year. Then we shall embark on a world tour
    EYEZONEARTH in under 80 days for a Guinness World Record. All in the
    name of helping people wake up!

    Eye am about to release my third EP called “The TERRARIST” and am
    looking for some body to animate the continuous mix, as it has a full
    script and is a visual story (similar to Interstellar 555 in music video
    conceptualization) explaining the process of a person waking up.

    We are producing the Hemp Aid Festival on April 20, 2011 for here in
    Denver as a massive music festival to support Hemp legislation and
    progression, and definitely want to get as many wildstyle artists on
    here as possible. Also releasing my first debut full-length album on
    this date called “A Green Hope”.

    If you would like to know more about me specifically, please see my website at: – there is a full press kit on there under the “me.diaz” section

    Also just did an interview for TRPlifestyle blog here:

    Although Eye have a lot going on – realize that my sole purpose with ALL
    of this is to help people wake up, and get the spotlight for a few
    moments so Eye can drop some knowledge on the people, so they can free
    themselves and stop waiting for a savior. This is my goal. Eye love to
    make music, and would do so regardless. This is my way of using my
    talents for the greater good, and Eye am very excited to share the stage
    with all my new friends who also believe in the music saving the world.

    Remember, the 3D world as we see it is literally a holographic
    manifestation from within our own minds. We can simply heal the world of
    all its problems through a mass awakening, because people will be able
    to see through the illusion that we have created and thus be able to see
    this paradise as it truly is. We have this power to change the world in
    one single moment.

    Then in finale Eye would like to say ….

    That religion, government and money are devices to help control you, so
    you will not realize your true divinity as Children of God, and instead
    keep you slaves. But this is free knowledge now! Be educated! We are
    DIVINE!!! We are Free! We are ONE – Duality & Separatism is over!
    Embrace the change! We can be suprahuman again – and in fact “HU” is
    ancient sumerian for “GOD” = GOD MAN

    Watch these Movies:

    Zeitgeist: Religion / Government / Money Systems explained

    (make sure to definitely watch Zeiteist Addendum too)

    The FUEL Film: by Josh Tickell – about the Oil / Military / Industrial
    Complex and what we can do to save ourselves with green sustainable
    technologies that already exist

    FOOD Inc. : about the Food / Monsanto / Seed Complex and what we can do
    to save ourselves with organic local food! Eat RAW Eat VEGAN Eat LOCAL
    Eat Organic Eat Fair Trade

    The Secret: create the life that you want to live through the law of attraction, BASIC spirituality principles

    What the Bleep Do We Know + Down the Rabbit Hole: law of attraction is
    proven by science via quantum physics, lots of gems in this movie –
    great interviews, further into spirituality and your instinctual nature

    CANCER & ALL MAJOR DISEASES HAVE BEEN CURED!!! Hemp cannabis oil has
    been proven to cure cancer and many other major diseases, in addition
    to curing small symptom like medical problems too.

    Run from the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story:

    Hemp Cannabis (and Marijuana) have been denied traction in the 21st
    century because it is a plant that can heal our society and world – Hemp
    can be made into 25,000 different things, including food, medicine,
    textiles, plastics (stronger than steel), chemicals, oil (for food and
    fuel), concretes, insulation, paper, and much more – replacing all
    harmful commodities, cure carbon/global warming etc etc

    “Hemp is the most important commodity that the world has ever had, in
    the past, in the present, and hopefully it regains its rightful throne
    in the future – the existence and sustainability of humanity depends on

    “This is a single plant that has the ability to create world peace, cure
    all major diseases including cancer, clothe the poor, feed the hungry,
    replace all metals, replace all chemicals, replace all paper products,
    replace all plastic products, make all repair our soils, and also power
    the entire economy of fuel – all done with great abundance and
    sustainability for all”

    Grass: Documentary about the history of the prohibition of marijuana

    The Emperor of Hemp: Documentary about the late hemp activist Jack Herer

    and here you have it the newest and freshest in Galactic news:

    The Coming Pole Shift & Planet X – Nov 18, 2010 (Part 1-4)

    Please watch all FOUR!

    Also if you are a book reader – these are very important books that deserve your attention:

    Serpent of Light by Drunvalo

    Flower of Life 1 and 2 by Drunvalo

    The Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel

    Ancient Teachings for Beginners by Douglas de Long

    Zero Limits by Joe Vitale

    The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn – cure any medicinal problem, clean your body at least once per year

    The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe – the bible of nutrition

    Amazing Grace by David Wolfe

    there are plenty more – but these will guide you to where you are seeking to go.

    Look at videos from these cool cats on youtube:

    Alex Collier

    David Icke

    Ron Paul

    Alex Jones

    Jesse Ventura

    Too many to list – but the TRUTH is out there and the TRUTH will
    Prevail! We are a sustainable society with great abundance for all when
    we choose to do so. It is easy and only requires awakening.

  75. >>>> Says:

    fucking hippys…

  76. Icabod Crane Says:

    christ how long did this person work on this????  it’s a fucking BOOK in a comment post????  holy shiiiii

  77. GetOverYourself Says:

    01. New Blood – Worries In The Dance (Jon Kwest Rmx)
    02. Barrington Levy – Under Mi Sensi – X Project Rmx (Nate Metro Rmx)

    03. Potential Bad Boy Ft MC Det – Rollin’ (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    04. DJ SS – The Lighter (DJ Apt One Rmx)

    05. Elementz Of Noize – Hit The Deck (Pickster & Jon Kwest Rmx)

    06. Brainkillers & Remarc – Press The Buzzer (Xian1 Rmx)

    07. Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    08. Q Project – Champion Sound (Xian1 Rmx)

    09. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    10. Dillinja- Grimey (Kid Cedek Moombah Break Rmx)

    11. Substance – Homeboyz (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    12. Doc Scott – Shadowboxing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    13. Digital – Deadline (Ghost Rad Rmx)

    14. Roni Size & Dj Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    15. Doc Scott – Far Away (Secret Sauce Rmx)

    16. Adam F – Circles (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    17. Photek – UF0 (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    18. Jonny L – Piper (Jon Kwest Rmx)

    19. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (DJ Smiles Rmx)

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    Try being a bit more original and make your own original tunes instead of taking a popular classic and tacking on your name at the end.

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